Sunday 3 November 2013

UK: The Independent, advertises 'Elegant', 'Beautiful' new look:... with recently deceased Egyptian corpses...

According to Britain's daily newspaper: The Independent, the first thing I should have noticed was that the heading of big black letters stating 'The Independent' had gone from horizontal to vertical.

The Independent is left of centre so far as politics and social issues are concerned, it would despite this, have many disagreements with Europe's and America's left-wing politicians as to market issues. In this sense the title Independent is highly warranted.

The fact that a back issue, relating to a story in August about 'Egypt's day of shame', was used to display and showcase the new look starting Thursday: perhaps displays a different sort of independence.

A screenshot of 'elegance', and 'beauty'?:

I would not have even noticed the change: were it not for an Egyptian blogger who I follow: re-tweeting the shock and disgust of the populous of the small yet deeply devastated portion of Earth which is designated the land of the Pharaohs.

The use of tragedy to sell newspapers is unfortunately a reality of life. The use of gory images to increase sales has become an acceptable practice in the industry. The use of back image back story in demonstrating what a new look of a newspaper will be is perhaps to be expected. They did not however use back images relating to the Royal baby. They purposely chose to use this pain and suffering that is of human demise, the deep wounding injury that struck as utter tragedy upon Egypt: to display just how 'elegant', 'beautiful' the new look of the Independent happened to be, if indeed it did happen to be so.

The first thing I noticed was the corpses. I then noticed the headline shaming Egypt. I did not notice the change from horizontal to vertical of the newspaper's name.

An Egyptian blogger re-tweeted disapproval:

We broadly accept newspapers carrying gory images of individual people. We accept this because they are covering the stories of those people. If they were not about covering the stories of those people, we might accuse them of having a sick morality. I hope it is most unintentional that the Independent has chosen to dig up a wound still fresh in Egypt's short-term memory. I sincerely hope that the use of the image of people who are probably other people's loved ones to demonstrate just how 'elegant ' and 'beautiful' The Independent think it is to be including such an image in the new look demonstration, is not an admiration of the macabre.

However one views the choice by the Independent or their culpability and their state of mind in determining to use such back issue: nonetheless it is a choice which has been made, denying that is as real as denying death: as denying the deaths and injuries which are turned into advertising profit, as the Independent show just how 'elegant' they are, or perhaps how 'not elegant' they are in this specific choice.

How you treat their determination is really up to you.

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