Wednesday 27 November 2013

Cheat on your wife and ‘also use a condom’ says the leader of South Africa’s parliamentary opposition party. #Adultery #cheating

Cheat on your wife and ‘also use a condom’ says the leader of South Africa’s parliamentary opposition party. #Adultery #cheating

We summarised our article in an audio podcast of about 3 minutes, the article continues below our podcast:

She is leader of the Democratic Alliance in the Parliament of South Africa. She is the Democratic Alliance Member of Parliament for North Durban. She calls herself a’ baker’, ‘mover’, ‘shaker’ and a ‘hopeless romantic’ on her Twitter profile. Perhaps she is not that much of a romantic though.

One of the constituents of Lindiwe Mazibuko asked what was the Democratic Alliance policy on having women on the side of a relationship with another woman. To quote what was asked of Lindiwe Mazibuko: what the Democratic Alliance’s policy on ‘side chicks’ was. According to Lindiwe Mazibuko their policy is that women are not birds, clearly a reference to the use of the word chicks, and to use a condom in addition to that.

So did the Democratic Alliance answer the question, as to whether or not they support cheating on women? Did they take a stand against women abuse and cheating during the 16 days against women abuse? No. They just advised that while a man cheated on his girlfriend or wife, that he utilise a condom. A strange policy indeed, one which was not only answered by the leader of the Democratic Alliance in Parliament but retweeted by the Democratic Alliance to all of their followers on twitter.

Some time ago we reported on comments by Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille that HIV AIDS was driven by intergenerational sex.

South Africa has one of the highest HIV AIDS infection epidemics in the world. Uganda largely combated the HIV infection rate when nowhere else in Africa were able to. They did this by combating a culture of polygamy. South Africa’s white population has a very low HIV AIDS rate. Possibly about 2% of white South Africans have HIV AIDS. In some black communities where polygamy is rampant: at least 37% of women have HIV AIDS. Polygamist and homosexual communities have very high rates of promiscuity, and are the main centres of HIV AIDS spread in South Africa and the world. Research by Edward C Greene, when he headed a Harvard programme on HIV AIDS: found that the promotion of condoms use in Africa actually correlated with increases in the spread of HIV AIDS. Polygamy and a culture of cheating are the reason why the black population of the Republic of South Africa have one of the highest HIV AIDS rates of infection in the world. For a party that wants to win the black vote, Helen Zille’s Democratic Alliance are remarkably unconcerned with the health conditions which their advice would afflict the black population of South Africa with. Empirical research repeatedly links societal acceptance of polygamy to higher rates of cheating, and endemic STD spread. The relatively low presence of HIV in the white population of South Africa is because polygamy is frowned upon in white society. Homosexual white South Africans however have a very high rate of HIV, correlating with the rate of HIV among homosexuals in other countries. The rate of HIV among black South Africans, correlates to the HIV rate in other polygamist societies, although the rate of spread of HIV is higher than in most places, including other polygamist societies.

The Democratic Alliance has taken a major political risk. They state that anyone who opposes black economic empowerment, or believes that discrimination against white South Africans via black economic empowerment is not good for all South Africans: have no place in the party. They have aggressively promoted black economic empowerment, and have been accused of promoting people in their party merely because of the colour of their skin.

Much of the Democratic Alliance’s most important positions are not filled by career politicians with deep understanding of governance, but by black young women, with more experience in marketing than in any real position of governance, or background in law. We have also covered the fact that the Democratic Alliance seems to promote homosexual people in their party far beyond what would be representative of the homosexual population of the country: so much for desiring a political party which is representative of the population? The Democratic Alliance periodically puts their resources towards gay pride efforts, saying that love knows no gender: perhaps not what their homosexual constituents think given their sexual partner preferences.

Their marketing push has emerged with some agendas, the Democratic Alliance names their recruitment campaigns after the war strategy of the Nazi campaign during World War II. That is to say that they call it the Blue Blitz. The word blitz might be popular in some marketing circles, but its origin is in the effectiveness of the genocidal forces of Adolf Hitler during the Holocaust in which up to 11 million people lost their lives.

Helen Zille’s Democratic Alliance is in stark contrast to its apartheid era predecessor. My grandfather, Michael Emmet Barry: ran under their banner in Welkom, with pamphlets stating that racial discrimination was destroying the South African economy. With many South Africans believing that the Democratic Alliance would bring back apartheid, something it was formed by in large to oppose: the Democratic Alliance has attempted to change perceptions by cracking down on South Africa’s white population by press releases, statements, resource use, internal appointments within the political party, and in the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa. Nothing says you’re for one population group like cracking down on another in a racist rampage? Nothing says you aren’t really for that population group, like giving out advice which is deadly to that group.


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