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Vladimir Putin: There can be no patriotism or human dignity without religion guiding society

Vladimir Putin, the President of the great military, economic, and most importantly: diplomatic: world power: Russia, has faced his critics. In an increasingly secular world, one might have recently found oneself to be surprised by one of the world's most powerful men writing to the American people in their New York Times, that Obama is wrong, because God created all men equal. One might be even more surprised by a speech the great orator gave to representatives of the people of All Russia. Increasingly under Putin, Russia is resuming the role of the pre-communist Russia, which under the Tsars, considered itself as the upholder of the international law of the nations in Christendom.

The popular Russian leader spoke to the Valdai Club, as organised by Ria Novosti, under the theme of what could be seen as the Russian identity. The meeting was a coming together of analysts, political figures, and society representatives from Russia and from the planet.

Humankind will lose 'lose their human dignity without the values ​​of Christianity and the other religions of the world, without those moral parameters that took thousands of years to be defined' His Excellency of Russia is quoted by Vatican Linked AsiaNews.

We believe that it is natural and appropriate to defend those values'​ President Vladimir Putin is relayed to us, 'every minority deserves respect for its distinctive identity, but the rights of the majority should not be put into question'

'Global events present a serious challenge to Russian identity' AsiaNews quotes the great leader, 'in both moral issues and foreign policy. We have seen many euro -Atlantic countries embark on the path of renunciation of their roots, including the Christian values ​​which are the foundation of Western civilization.'

 Putin remorsefully retained that: 'this involves the denial of the principles and morals of every traditional national, cultural, religious and even sexual identity.'

Putin then took to criticising the Western approach of Democracy which is for its own end and not for the propagation of good nor even for the patriotism which promotes the designs of God Almighty:

'We are pursuing policies that put families and same-sex relationships in the same category, faith in God and that of Satan' Putin continued to lash the relative morality of Western institutions 'the excesses of political correctness has gotten to the point where there are now serious discussions about whether to officially register parties who have the propaganda of paedophilia among their objectives'

Of his often at arms European Neighbours, Putin presents the sackcloth of their cause of impending death to state that they:

'are ashamed and afraid to talk about their religion, holy days have been abolished or are renamed with names that hide the nature of these same festivities, while aggressive attempts are made to impose this model on the rest of the world.'

Of Western attempts to force Russia to allow homosexual sex acts to be praised and packaged and propagated to children in Russia, of such freedom which comes from imposing imperialist ideologies upon children, Putin let out his considered views upon his critics:

'This is a direct path to degradation and primitiveness, to the deepening of the moral and demographic crisis,' The Russian leader stated of such homosexualist attempts against Russia and the world.

The demographic crisis is often called the aging population problem. It is easier to call it that in the West, than to admit that statistically the entire planet, including the Arab World, is being pillaged and decimated by a radical and unquestionable crashing of populations into population decline. To call it what it is, no doubt would hurt western efforts, yet the Russian leader has been direct in his speech, unlike the West.

'What could be a better indicator of the moral crisis of a society than the loss of its capacity for self- reproduction?' Is Putin's statement of note.

And in this statement of crisis, he mimics the words of a religious leader, of the Patriarch of Moscow, of the Orthodox Church.

Source: 'Putin : Defending national identity, based on religious values' on the 21st day of September 2013, accessed at 21 September 12: 00,-based-on-religious-values-29072.html

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