Friday 14 June 2013

How to be public with your Facebook, without being public.

With scams using Facebook information to steal from South Africans, there are a number of ways to protect your account relatively, but still get the most out of Facebook. With email, if someone knows who you email, they can spoof your email to spam, all they need is an address book. Similarly, criminals now mimic Facebook accounts, and that address book: that friends list, as well as information, make you vulnerable.

Firstly, my favourite trick, which utilises followers, but also over time allows you to hide what you said:

Under account settings and Privacy is a useful little tool, which allows you to make previous posts private. I like to post publically for followers, but then later to make posts private, this is a nifty little tool for just that:

Hiding that friends list and about details:

Go to about section, and on each shown bit of information, click the little cog, and change who can see to those you want, instead of everyone.

MAKE SURE you go down to where friends and followers are listed, and click the pencil on the right and edit privacy:

Change options to look like this:

Do the same with music, with locations, etcetera.

Finally, on your timeline, there is a button which says activity log, next to it is a button which looks like a cog. Click the gear/cog. Say view as.

See if you left any important information out.

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