Sunday, 12 May 2013

Soft Drinks a naughty 'No No' in Mayor Bloomberg's New York, Weed, however is encouraged by Bloomberg.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg might have got a lot of backs up, by his much reported banning of large soft drinks for health reasons. A federal judge, Justice Milton Tingling, thought it unhealthy enough of a ban, to prevent it coming into effect. Soft Drink Vendors, none the less may hate Bloomberg.

Drug lords however, love him, as the City of New York's Mayor Bloomberg's police heads with much encouragement from Bloomberg:  now have New York Police Department police give dealers free reign, and pot smokers, where possible, at most tickets, but not jail, as Cuomo's decriminalisation push gains steam, with Mayor Bloomberg now seemingly on the decriminalisation gravy train. Apparently, health is not such a concern to Mayor Bloomberg after all.

The New York Post Explains:

'Pot arrests and seizures are plummeting as low-level offenders duck jail and cops ease off dealers, who are racking up record profits, police sources say.

Gov. Cuomo vowed in January to wipe out the lowest marijuana charge — fifth-degree criminal possession — for those caught lighting up in public or flashing their stash.

But even without the Cuomo proposal yet etched in law, an unprecedented reduction in enforcement has already begun.

Marijuana arrests in the city plunged 22 percent last year — to 40,661 from 52,220 in 2011 — and are on pace for another 20 percent decline this year, according to data from the state Division of Criminal Justice Services.

Decriminalization gathered steam in February, when Mayor Bloomberg announced that NYPD cops would now merely ticket those charged with fifth-degree possession, instead of tossing them in jail.

But it’s not just the casual user who’s catching a break.

Kingpins are also skating.

Figures show that in Manhattan and Brooklyn, police have nailed just three dealers this year for first-degree criminal possession of marijuana — a felony for sellers apprehended with 10 pounds or more.

That’s way down from the 28 such peddlers cops locked up in those boroughs last year.

One source said some NYPD detectives have been told to back off dealers because they’re considered a lower priority than those hawking pills, cocaine and heroin.

“When we have intel on pretty big marijuana cases, we’re being pushed away,” said the source, who works on narcotics cases.

“It’s. ‘Let’s just focus on pills and cocaine.’ Narcotics can still do grow houses, but a guy dealing a pound or two here or there, they don’t have much interest.”'
- New York Post | '‘High’ tolerance: NYC on the road to decriminalizing pot' by BRAD HAMILTON at Last Updated: 9:47 AM, May 12, 2013

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