Saturday 11 May 2013

'Love knows no Gender' : Helen Zille's Democratic Alliance claims at 'Gay Pride March'

The Democratic Alliance has a habit of rewteeting the tweets of their hierarchy on the ground. Democratic Alliance News, the party's official voice retweeted a lot from Katlego Suzan, a local branch representative of theirs' in Limpopo Today, including a tweet and photograph of their 'Love knows no Gender' march:

As our editor stated:

Gender originated in languages, where every word is masculine or feminine, it originally related to the attributes of each sex, and cultural context of these. Gender theory, a creation of the political left, disputed that gender was linked to sex, and to date, about 23 'genders' have been added to an ever expanding list in the alphabet soup of LGBT...

Gay men say they have a feminine gender, and only like men. They have specific 'gender preferences', gay women are likewise.

Is Helen Zille's Democratic Alliance suggesting that every person is gay, and that gender is a boundary to happiness? After all, the phrase is rewording: 'Love knows no boundaries'.

'Love knows no gender', is a bit of a strange statement from the always entertaining Democratic Alliance, who named their recent recruitment campagin the Blue Blitz, a reference to the Nazi strategy of Blitzkrieg.

Other Tweets from the Democratic Alliance include one claiming South Africa is not an equal opportunity society for homosexuals, despite massive fines to anyone who gets in the way of this political constituency of the Democratic Alliance, so close to their core, and as our service noted in a quote from a Gauteng Democratic Alliance member of parliament, making up a portion of their positions in parliaments, somewhat disproportionate to the portion of South Africa which kicks with the other foot so to speak (which engages in homosexual lifestyle).

Here are some other tweets from the Democratic Alliance Limpopo Gay pride March:

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