Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A political gamble...


Democrats to lose out on their political statement! The reason they caused this recall, which the Republican will win, is because of a law, which most citizens in Wisconsin support! #gplussersformitt 

The law they recalled him for actually has more support than opposition in Wisconsin! According to this editorial from the Democrat supporting New York Times online, quoted below. 

'Meanwhile, the collective bargaining issue that inspired the recall effort seems to have faded from memory and does not appear to be much of a burden for Mr. Walker. According to the Marquette poll, 50 percent of Wisconsin residents prefer the law as it is now under Mr. Walker, while 43 percent would prefer the old one.'

Five Thirty Eight Blog of the New York Times | 'In Wisconsin, Walker Is Likely to Survive Recall' by By NATE SILVER at May 24, 2012, 2:12 PM New York Time


Good to see republicans gaining ground on the issues also. Whoever decided to force him to step down term was an idiot. I wish more democrats were that stupid.

Thanks for update, +Melanie Jones

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Pointless recall puts Wisconsin in play for +Mitt Romney Thanks :)))
Pointless recall puts Wisconsin in play for Romney | Times247 »
It’s no scoop that the Democrats are expecting an embarrassing defeat in Tuesday’s Wisconsin gubernatorial recall race. M...

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