Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bugey Nuclear Power Plant Security Breached! #France


French Nuclear Crisis: Green Peace manages to drop smoke bombs, from motor powered hang glider, on a Nuclear Facility: Bugey Nuclear Power Plant: in France; The Green Peace Activist was later arrested.

Image source: Wikipedia: File:Centrale-nucleaire-Bugey.jpg

Green Peace France | 'Action : survol de la centrale du Bugey en paramoteur' by Green Peace Staff at 2nd May 2012 French Time

Google translate, with a few edits by myself:

'This morning at 7:40, a Greenpeace campaigner, aboard a motor powered hang glider, has flown over the plant of Bugey (35 km east of Lyon), penetrating prohibited airspace .

Illustrating the vulnerability of nuclear facilities to an air based threat, he managed to drop smoke bombs on one nuclear reactor and landed inside the site.'
Action : survol de la centrale du Bugey en paramoteur »
Ce matin, à 7h40, un militant de Greenpeace, à bord d’un paramoteur, a survolé la centrale du Bugey (Ain, 35 km à... - Lire la suite >>

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