Monday 6 February 2012

Johannesburg Catholic School sex scandal: Grade 8s allegedly forced to 'rape' school 'chair' and 'bus seat' by Matrics (Seniors)

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Johannesburg Catholic School sex scandal: Grade 8s allegedly forced to 'rape' school 'chair' and 'bus seat' by Matrics (Seniors)
The MEC for Education's spokeswoman says if true the alleged gang behaviour violates the law. The School's representative released a statement condemning the behaviour if true, and stating they would put the welfare of the grade 8s allegedly victimized first

With school 'initiation' repeatedly hitting headlines, since the sexual abuse alleged at Parktown, a Catholic school has gotten its own share of the spotlight. The Offense while not the same as Parktown, still violates the law and is sexual abuse if proven to be more than just alleged. Mock rapes also would suggest real rapes to come, making this perhaps more serious than the terrible human rights abuses alleged at other school settings.

The prompt response to media, by the school not the SACBC which likely wouldn't respond, in this case (by the school) is a good sign. The SACBC Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference, under the very unprofessional press leadership of Fr Chris Townsend, usually ignores any media requests on scandalous accusations or punishes journalist, such as the SACNS for reporting on them (we now get SACBC press releases long after papers such as the Mail and Guardian after refusing to censor an interview we did).

"Education spokesperson Charles Phahlane said Education MEC Barbara Creecy phoned the St David's Marist Inanda school on Saturday about the allegation.

"If this is true, it is very serious because it violates the SA Schools Act and the Sexual Offences Act," Phahlane said.

Headmaster Malcolm Williams and chief executive of the school, Mike Greeff, said in a statement that the school board, management and the staff condemned conduct that intimidated, humiliated or frightened anyone."
-News 24 / SAPA 'Top Joburg school probes mock-rape claims' 2012-02-06 17:26 No Author Listed

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