Saturday 4 February 2012

DA slams Christians, South Africa's Cultural diversity: I will not be voting for the DA next election

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Article by Marc Aupiais

I am leaving the DA, which has set its sights on promotion not of national democracy, but a form of tyranny all too familiar: intolerance of anyone not tolerant of every little bit of disgusting ideology sprouted by uneducated Democratic Alliance leaders. I do consider myself intolerant: allergic perhaps, or having a good immune system. I am intolerant to that which harms me and society, that is the very definition of intolerance.

(Note this article contains a sexually suggestive picture, that is, a picture released by the DA of a DA political recruitment poster!)

Reading not only the DASO recruitment poster's and their justification of its insensitive "Better than you" garbage, which is insulting, and dangerous, may offend deeply, but, if you found that insulting: just wait to read their justification

promoting homosexuality, forcing anti-religious grouping promotion of inter-religion sexual relationships, and intolerance of anyone who for cultural reasons object to these, make the DA response to sensitivities something about which any true liberal or democrat or Christian, and in fact all should worry. Deeply. Never mind the assumption that religious people are deeply bigoted, or to use the insinuation, stupid and slow.

Never mind the insulting lust not love Pope Kissing an Imam type of ideology, in this advert campaign.

(See their statement released justifying the poster below)

DA Attempt at forcing promiscuous fitness shallow and anti-Christian, anti-Cultural freedoms society on South Africa
Photoshop-ed ad campaign portraying the pope and an Imam in a sexual and sexually suggestive act! The Vatican threatened legal action.

I frankly found the DA's moralizing through tyranny,

and use of an image of two people having sex, to market their organization to universities,

to be disturbing and evil. Certainly inappropriate in a time of HIV/AIDS. I am embarrassed that I was once Deputy Chair of DASo at the University of the Witwatersrand.

Fact is, the government has no right to tell people or societies WHO TO MARRY, and to encourage people to have casual sex with a poster that looks like it is advertising a condom. Racism that hurts the economy must go, but race and culture are rights enshrined deeply in the South African constitution. Including the right to like or not like someone based on hair, race, anything else. There is a market difference between valid government and use of political funding, and attempts of Nazi style societal engineering, which is sure to disenfranchise children, the religious, and those most vulnerable.

This is the last straw for me: from a DA, which has decided that instead of letting society make its own future, it now has decided to want to impose a Napoleonic tyranny on South Africa. And as the inadequate response to shocking statements made by the DA criticising the ANC at the UN has proven time and again, they want this tyranny not only in South Africa, but forced upon all in this world. A tyranny intolerant to any Christian intolerance. A tyranny where anything but virtues and morals are tolerated, and conscientious objection is persecuted and hunted down to be destroyed. A society of utter intolerance: intolerant as a Physical Exercise teacher to a child with a muscle disease, or a camp Councillor to a child allergic to camp food.

A "Society where Intolerance in not Tolerated", but intolerance to what? To the DA controlling everyone and everything is what this is about. Intolerance to casual sex? Intolerance to propaganda? Intolerance to being told what does or does not insult you?

To a party which hopes to enslave all of South Africa to one culture, that of the Cape Flats, where the DA clearly hopes to gain its votes next election. After all, abortion, gay partnerships, the destruction of white (British, Dutch, German, Irish, French, Swiss, Etc) and black (Zulu, Khosa, so many cultures) cultures for one where immorality is accepted and heritage ignored and forgotten seem to be all the DA can promote of late. Besides jumping on every press bandwagon.

I am glad to have resigned as an official in the DASO, when they first considered betraying voters and allying with the extremist anti-Christian : Independent Democrats. I will hopefully not be voting for such an anti-Christian, anti-South African party next election. After all, they have clearly made their enemy the listener, and branded ALL South Africans Intolerant and bigoted racists!

Shame on you Helen Zille, you truly have betrayed the Democratic Alliance.

Let me make ONE THING Clear! I want to live in a future where people look twice, look three times, look and look again.



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