Friday 4 February 2011

I am at a wedding in another world

( Journey in A Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

I am at a wedding, is it not so. There is dancing, there is movement. A twirling, and interplay. People are moving and circling in dance. Man and woman, and a foreign sound plays, a foreign language sings a wedding song. They predict our lives, in this strange ancient tongue. A Song of Songs, and me and her, this strange woman, this foreign woman, we dance.

Is this not life, this image that hit my idle eyes. This author's vision, this thought of dear God?

I am at a wedding in another world?

What world is this, what is a wedding?

Jesus says there is no marriage in heaven, just as there is no confession, baptism of of child. Not, you must surely come to know, because people are not special, more to some. For Mary God says is more special to him than us, and Philomena more care in Mary likewise as well. Some saints are patrons, to a different cause.

They are different.

Marriage is not in heaven, though we are told not to divide what God has made one, and indeed that marriage is permanent even as the law holding one to other ends in their deaths.

But that is just it, there is no need for legal protection of love and sacrifice in heaven.

Marriage exists. A spouse loves their spouse, more than they love others. There is no general communist love... no, in heaven, there is specific love. There are relations.

Heaven is not an ocean, but a city.

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