Monday 31 January 2011

Who Am I really Today...[really]...?

Article by Marc Aupiais

A friend was upset with me. She said I was not true to myself. That while I would

never do something alone... that with a friend I would.

She said I was not true to myself.

It got me thinking. What is me..?

I am after all a very complex personality. So strangely off. So caring but ashamed to care. So aware and perceptive physically and mentally of patent and latent... that myself I get terribly upset when others know not to.

But I know to... and also I love someone present. Around. inside of me. In my soul... always. No matter what. Even when I fight with someone I love.

I want them there.. I do need to learn... to own myself more... to be less polite at times.

But. Who I am. Is whom I love. And why. And how. And for how long.

God made us in his image and likeness.

God made us as love. That is what was lost in the not long forgot garden.

That is the Eden of Eden.

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