Saturday, 30 May 2009

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New virus found in Africa...

Four million hits to Pope2You Website since launched.

Catholic Priest, Father Cutie, of Miami, leaves catholic church...

Father Cutie, who has recently been the talk of much debate regarding pictures shown of him on a public beach with a woman he claims he has fallen in love with raised huge controversy over the celebacy of Catholic priests has made his decision to step away from the Catholic faith, sadly.
The Episcopalian church is part of the Anglican Communion, which traces its roots to the Church of England, formed when King Henry VIII split from the Roman Catholic Church in order to divorce and remarry. They have men and women, married or single priests, and controversy over gay priests within.

This has saddened some Catholics and has others claiming it might be time to end the celibacy rule.

Very cool fossil hunter, from Keyna, Richard Leakey, comes to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) this weekend in Toronto....

Canadian Hockey rituals vs Religion ... dunno, craziness, it could only be Canada!!

Gaia Politics: climatologists predict .... our earth, turn our lights off, Mr. Editor :-) ???

I was driving on the 401 (highway in TO) and all of a sudden I was surrounded by cops, everywhere ... absolutely, no mission from God, I think God is shaking his head sometimes... Bush had arrived.

Sadly, at 44, Peter Zezel has died. Lots of Canadians, dads and oh yeah, moms too, are into hockey for all the wrong reasons, I avoid the political side to this as much as possible and hate more than anything the trashing of kids in this sport.
But because my favourite little men in this world are very involved in it, thats difficult. I liked this coach, he was kind and liked my son, unfortunately we declined his offer. This is one coach who strongly stood up and said how horrible parents can be by slandering children and trashing them verbally anonymously on the infamous N54 site. This site was temporarily suspended this week and as of today the owner has deleted it permanetly, say good bye to the trash site, Peter I'm sure you are smiling from above, what will these parents do with all their time now??

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