Thursday 5 June 2014

Why Ukraine changes everything and nothing at once

I have always had a natural dislike of America's very badly done foreign policy, ever since they invaded Iraq on false pretences and proved that we were all wrong about them. When Al Jazeera came on South African Television, and we all discovered they were not the devil, many of us altogether swore off allegiance to the global conscience and its so-called and self-imposed smaller than it sounds 'international community'.

With my journalism work I began studying propaganda channels. I studied RT believing it was just that based on American portrayal of the channel. It reported on ethnic cleansing in Georgia and Russian troops going in to stop a genocide. Western media mocked this, until BBC news night investigated and found it was 100% the truth. Something similar was admitted with Syria: that it was a civil war from the start not protests. But by then I had realised that the Russians were not lying on Syria. In fact the Russian state media have won awards for unbiased coverage time and again. Whenever America goes into conflict mode, their media backs their politicians 100%. What was okay for America is wrong for other nations.

I had thought as a consolation prize that perhaps it was not just America permitted such freedom but Russia as well. Alas, it is not so. America created a coup d'état in Ukraine, overthrowing an elected President because the president supported Russia. What happens? A monstrous crackdown on free Ukrainians or anti-Coup protesters to use Western language, becomes an 'Anti-terrorist' operation. Putin is compared to Hitler for refusing to accept and endorse a coup. Russia has sanctions against its economy and dignitaries. And American media join the fray just as strongly as they did against Iraq, with no consequences. Like Justin Bieber's racist video, drink, drugs, theft, periodic assault of innocents proving that in American terms he is above the law, in the same sense American gunmen also are.

I guess what really is on display is that America and her allies can do any evil deed, and be forgiven instantly. They can spy on all of us. They can blackmail, they can lie, they can betray. They can call the sky red and green, and have it reported as so. They can get away with everything, because they are powerful, and because so many media outlets are nothing but their cute little fans, believing all the way. We live not in God's world, but America's world... no wonder America spends so much time and money trying to reduce the population of every nation but their own... think about their expensive initiatives for population control in the third world for a moment. We in Africa are not worthy of an opinion, or our own culture, or own point of view. We are not even worthy of democracy as Egypt and Somalia prove. Only Western nations have these rights. Like Justin Bieber, they are immune to criticism. We cannot say a single word that would have any impact on the pseudo-divine West. If they want to overthrow a government, it is those who support democracy who get sanctions, and criticism, and hateful treatments... It is Putin who is the bad guy... not Barack Obama the conqueror, who sees every non American life as not worth a mention in his foreign policy. Was the assassination of Osama Bin Laden not an extra-judicial killing? What right in the name of Heaven and Hell does America have to utter a single word criticising any nation on the planet for doing exactly the same with their own claimed enemies? After all, if extra-judicial killings or overthrows, or collateral damage, or bombing women and children with drones or other means is wrong or right: it must be due to principles, not due to the expediency of a nation that only ever looks after its own interests, and drops its allies like flies the moment they are no longer useful.

Ukraine changes everything in that sense. America does not keep its double standards with only weak pariahs. It has exactly the same game with world leaders such as Russia. And the 'world media' continue to believe they only exist to justify its every choice, the ultimate type of yes man crew.

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