Tuesday 3 December 2013

Audio: Etolls Take a Toll on Gauteng Motorists... could hurt Africa's powerhouse economy.

The freeways are no longer free. This was the realisation of many a Gauteng Province commuter upon awakening this morning. As a result a vast majority avoided the highways for byways and alternative routes. At peak hour traffic flowed unusually freely on tolled highways, reported the SABC. In contrast, I went out at midday or so, and Beyers Naude, whch usually flows freely at that period, was flooded with congested traffic. Everyone was attempting to avoid the double taxation of the etolled roads. I considered buying an etag, some I know have. 7 days notice then debt collectors, threats of court cases, who coud blame the compliant citizen? Either way, Etolls resemble very much the tax in britain, on daylight admitting windows, which became known by the slang: daylight robbery.

No doubt the economy may be hurt by lost time, due to traffic. Those who can afford the exhorbitant rate on the other side, have a private route to work with next to no traffic.

For more of an account, of this little publicised until a few years ago project, listen to my podcast on AudioBoo above.

Or see the satirical advert SACNS has created to show the injustice of SANRAl etag:

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