Saturday 6 April 2013

As New Dawn makes terrible waves in Greece, popular South African party adopts Nazi campaign language!

As powerful tanks left Germany, the world thought they would never forget. Some promised to remember never to forget. Alas, it seems a distant past, long forgotten by the conscience of many. That foul Blitzkrieg: the bloody tip of the spear that would bring genocide: it seems has been forgotten by many. The word blitz, or the fast, swift, invulnerable advance: the lightning strike which wipes out an enemy. Such a word has deep memories embedded through war and hardship upon peoples of the world. For this reason the resurgence of Nazism, the beliefs of those terrible National Socialists in wartime Germany: ignites horror, outrage and the slightest of terrible fear in the world as it stands sombrely watching financial crises rip apart the morals and values, and empathy for one's fellow man, once so cherished the world over. Maybe, it might seem strange: that just as Nazism is making a resurgence and terrifying the Europeans, the very word that brought the Nazi genocide upon the world, is viewed as trendy by an up and coming South African political party, and ironically thought by them to be good for their campaign.

The German combined phrase of Blitzkrieg, comes from the words blitz meaning lightning, and Krieg: to strike. This was the watchword accompanying the German rush of lightning fast strikes which devastated nations in their genocide against the Jews, in a war that cost at least 11 million lives. The blitz can also refer to the devastating cruel and evil that was the relentless bombing of London which cost many lives, during the Nazi attempt at genocide which was World War II.

A South African party quite popular with the people: has adopted the word blitz to describe and call to arms their preparation campaign for the election. This party is the Democratic Alliance, which likes to call itself the official opposition in the Republic of South Africa. This weekend is what the Democratic Alliance is calling the 'blue blitz': where volunteers are recruited, trained, prepared for the next election. Their party colour is blue, with a rainbow coloured dawn seeming to rise above the capital letters D and A. The Democratic Alliance has not replied to my request for comments from the party on what I now once again ask them: namely whether or not they have even slightly thought it insensitive to use the word blitz to describe their campaign as a political campaign and platform. Especially, now that Nazism is making a comeback in Europe.

Oxford English Dictionary: '1930s: abbreviation of blitzkrieg'.

And the Democratic Alliance campaign:

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