Friday, 22 April 2011

Thoughts on Rebecca Black

Note by Marc Aupiais

With Rebecca Black emerging as the latest wealthy "village joker"... I got thinking about fame.

About how people we don't know, we mock, adore, obey...

How we put them and their views before friends... And forgive them what we'd never easily forgive a friend. And hate and love them.

Rebecca Black proves that fame isn't talent. As does Justin Bieber who shocks me in his fame. But most up and coming artists are hardly worth a second glance. As with presidents and politicians...

So who does that leave?

Rebecca Black may have brought twitter to her song- in how she sings thoughts as twitter tweets thoughts...

But shouldn't our real heroes be those who make us make good decisions even when they're mean in how they achieve it?

Shouldn't our real heroes be those who hold the faith and don't just claim to?

Shouldn't it be those who live and not those who die pointlessly in political and vendetta wars who are heroes. The peacemakers... The meek... The man who died on a cross was not a rock star. Just the opposite. Isaiah 53: Jesus was not attractive or charismatic. What drew people was truth.

As for Rebecca Black. She's thirteen years old. More than the cyber bullying: the life where people never leave highschool is her greatest cross to bear in life. Woe to the celebrity. You either obey the crowds or your intuitive self. So many choose the crowds.

What is worse? Convincing someone they are a God, and to close off to all criticism like a plague in the stomach? Or mocking them sometimes?

A culture of celebrity is a culture of death: that death is suffered first by the object- those sought to replace God!

Admire, love, pray for those you care for. View celebrities as people with human dignity not objects. And be cautious when mocking- perhaps first mock the society which creates these false gods of the culture of death: where the law of the jungle prevails over truth, meekness, kindness: mere Christianity! Sadly by the choice of many a guilty party~

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