Sunday, 30 January 2011

How Obama plans to annihilate Israel- #Egypt

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Article by Marc Aupiais

I've been watching for months, as Egypt continued to stockpile more and more American weapons, from F16s to other military equipment. It has been a concerning buildup of arms. According to the UK based Daily Telegraph, and Wikileaks cables they have pointed out, the American government wanted to institute Regime Change in Egypt, this year 2011 before September, or so their diplomatic cables declare, which also note that America helped train those who are pushing the protests along.

Egypt is instrumental in the Israeli Gaza blockade, preventing weapons and supplies into the Bank. The Egyptian population are not targeting the army, because they support them for clashing with the Israeli forces recently.

Obama recently had a Jewish Heritage celebration in America, an Israeli newspaper noted that other than campaign contributors, all the Jews who were invited where non-Zionists.

The American backed Jasmine Revolution II in Egypt, will have one certain effect. America will have lost an ally as the Egyptian people do not support their pro-Israeli efforts in the Mid-East.

Israel is now possibly at jeopardy. A new democratic government will almost certainly get rid of the unpopular Gaza wall or allow supplies in.

On another note, some Egyptian Christians are hoping a new government will mean better treatment.

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