Saturday, 27 March 2010

We stand by the Pope

Letter from the Editor

Our service is known for our purposeful use of secular services, to verify facts, and as original sources. We chose this path for their independence, even if they are often antagonistic to the church. As a law student, I must train in argument, and fallacy. I often have to bounce contradicting facts to write, major services contradict, add, and omit. Facts are distorted, manipulation oft pursued for political, religious, or ideological or personal reasons.

If the cases are so black and white, on conspiracy, why not arrests? Because this issue is fudged, and truthfully grey. The New York Times, especially has a history of attacking the church and distorting facts on it and much else. The others involved have hardly proved a case beyond reasonable doubt. And civil cases on abuse, only had to be proved on a balance of scales, far less than the criminal standard.

The evidence against the pope himself is weak at best. This is the one pope, to actually attempt to address this monstrous issue. If anything comes of this, it will be a pope less likely to address sexual abuse in the church. The one man standing up to it, with the power to, is the very man, that some terrible, dishonest or unskilled journalists now attack, along with groups who claim to be about sexual abuse and honesty.

Omission, is so vital in these stories. Let us stop crying wolf, and start addressing the perverts and pervert protectors in our midst.

Our word as a service: shame on the press agencies who have distorted an already horrific issue, making victims' rights less likely to be upheld, for the chance to attack the pope, instead of the bishops and civil authorities who covered up abuse. We ourselves as a service have often encounted odd reactions within the church, there are more than certainly those who do construct a real wall of silence, these people are not pleased with the still new pope, who illuminates the deeds of darkness!

The pope is no civil judge, he has no duty to punish beyond what is wise and necessary as a pastor of souls, and enforcer of truth, and in his previous role, he was subject to a pope who seemingly refused to allow this issue to be addressed. The church is not a corporation, and has no duty to adhere to the will of the people. We are not the entirety of the church: its head- support is Christ, and its blood is his, its mission is his, not that of a society which hates the Christian message: of "sin no more". The saints are of it, and the magisterium, these are of the church. Let us not delude ourselves and say we are church, we are not church, but can choose to be part of it, or to leave it and cease to claim its name!

Perhaps I am wrong, but while reporting the truth as best we have been able, even when negative, while doing so, we at present stand by the pope, as the storm in the teacup continues. The church shall not die!

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