Monday, 8 March 2010

Government unfairly dismissed doctor for pro-life stance- PSA

(Social justice South Africa; c.f. SAPA (South African; Independent; Secular) 08 / 03 | March / 2010))

Article by Marc Aupiais

The South African Press Association reports on the reported unfair dismissal of a pro-life doctor, allegedly dismissed for his anti-abortion beliefs, expressed outside of working hours as a member of the pro-life professionals' organization: "Doctors for life".

"Bloemfontein - A Free State doctor fired for protesting against abortions must be reinstated at the National Hospital in Bloemfontein, an arbitrator has found, the Public Servants Association of SA said on Monday.

Doctor Faan Oosthuizen was dismissed in February 2009 for participating in protest action and campaigns against the termination of pregnancies by the Free State health department as far back as 2006.

PSA spokesperson Manie de Clercq said Oosthuizen's dismissal in 2009 was substantively unfair. The Free State health department was ordered to reinstate him in the same or similar position, with the salary and benefits that existed prior to his dismissal."
(SAPA (South African; Independent; Secular) 08 / 03 | March / 2010))

Public Servants Association of South Africa's representative, claimed that doctors were often compelled to finish other doctor's abortions, even after hours. The PSA further noted that claims by the department that staff felt victimized by the choice of the pro-life doctor to report the matter to the Health Professions Council of South Africa, were found to be without evidence by the arbitrator.

Despite massive opposition to the procedure by the general population of South Africa, which is largely socially conservative on such matters, as homosexual unions, and termination of pregnancy : "abortion"), the South African government's ruling party, the ANC, under former president Nelson Mandela, forced through both radically liberal abortion laws, and other controversial legislation.

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