Sunday, March 7, 2010

Anti-abortion march, in March, after bishops suggest altering Constitution

(South African Catholic)

Note by Marc Aupiais

After the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference released to us and other media, a media release, in which it was suggested that either the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 (Act 108) be amended or that it be differently interpreted, than it currently is, Archbishop Buthi of Johannesburg, appears to be adding pressure, or at least groups in the Johannesburg Archdiocese appear to be. An anti-abortion mass, and march are planned for March 13 2010, from the Bishop's seat, the Cathedral of Christ the King, in Johannesburg. South African Catholic has been informed, that the protest aims at having laws allowing for abortion amended entirely to end the practice, or else, for abortion laws to be tightened, so as to make abortion harder to procure.

Relating to an entirely unrelated March [capitalization intentional], on February 1st this year, by a grouping known as the Christian Action Network, who were also marching for an end to abortion, it was stated then to media that over 900 000 children had been subjected to so-called abortion or termination of pregnancy since 1997, when Nelson Mandela radically liberalized the laws regarding procurement of artificial terminations of pregnancy in South Africa. It was also claimed to media, that taxpayers directly fund abortions in South Africa.

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