Monday, 29 March 2010

Sent to our Facebook group: Pope Benedict XVI, as Cardinal Ratzinger, was blocked from looking into abuse by Vatican

Editorial letter to readers

Perhaps some were shocked by our impassioned and vehement support of the Holy Father recently, this is because he is the answer to the sex abuse crisis, the following is what we sent to our Facebook group, of about 58 members: as a justification, of our claims that Benedict XVI was prevented from addressing abuse under John Paul II:

""Vienna's Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn, in defense of the pope, told ORF Austrian television on Sunday that Benedict wanted a full probe when former Vienna Cardinal Hans Hermann Groer was removed in 1995 for alleged sexual abuse of a boy.

But other Curia officials persuaded then Pope John Paul that the media had exaggerated the case and an inquiry would only create more bad publicity.

"He told me, 'the other side won'," Schoenborn said."
says Reuters:

This is to back up our claims in article form, that as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, Cardinal Ratzinger, was dis-empowered in his attempts to fight sex abuse in the church.

This is why it is so vital that attacks on the pope end, there are powerful forces in the Vatican, who still want to hide this all below the carpet, we do not deny a wall of silence, we have ourselves confronted it as media. We do note that Benedict XVI is not the source. He is the one figure prepared to fight sex abuse in the church, he must be supported!

HT to my favourite British journalist, Damien Thompson, blogs editor of the Telegraph paper, for the link to Reuters!

The Telegraph website link, with more information is here:

As per our usual claims, we are oft impressed by the quality of journalism by the Telegraph's Damien Thompson, and by Reuters.

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