Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Covid-19 Wuhan Coronavirus will not be contained. Here is how-to save your life.

Take a moment to read this. It is something that may save your life.

The editor of top scientific and academic discussion publication Quillette, Claire Lehmann, says:

We've confirmed human-to-human transmission of #COVIDー19 in Sydney & we know asymptomatic people transmit the virus. The time to start self-distancing is now. Advice this morning from Health Minister Greg Hunt to 'wash hands' & 'look out for each other is inadequate.' Thread.

The virus is not containable. It harms can only be mitigated. The people in our community most likely to be harmed are the already sick, frail, & elderly.

Our hospitals do not have "surge capacity." Therefore it's our responsibility to try to slow the spread of the virus.

How do we slow the spread? Through self-distancing. A preprint paper on medRvix states that the most effective strategies used in Wuhan were:

a) shutdown of public transport;
b) closure of entertainment venues; &
c) banning of public gatherings


This is done to flatten the curve. To get ahead of the virus. If everyone gets sick all at once, our healthcare system ***cannot deal with it.***

Instead of waiting for government advice, I've started practising self-distancing measures myself.

These include:
- driving instead of catching public transport
- cancelling non-essential travel
- organising workbooks & activities for homeschooling
- conducting all my work remotely
- cancelling in-person meetings

I've also stocked up on medical supplies to treat loved ones at home. Zinc lozenges, magnesium & potassium supplements, rehydration powders, thermometers are all essential. If you have relatives w/ respiratory problems, make sure you have a plan for oxygen therapy at home.

This is not about "panicking" this is about getting ahead of the virus. We can beat this thing, but we have to adapt, and fast.

Our mindset needs to be focused on being proactive, not reactive. Not for ourselves, but for the most vulnerable in the community.


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