Sunday, August 5, 2018

An enemy so driven by vengeance, that it would destroy everything, willingly, will not be satisfied with land.

He did everything they told him to. They demanded his car keys. He gave them his car keys. He gave them what he owned. They knelt him down and shot him to death. He was my uncle in law, and he was murdered by people who never knew anything about him. He died solely because of the pigmentation of his skin. He died at the hands of men who hated him because he was white.

There is no land hunger in South Africa. It just isn't there. People might want free stuff like RDP houses and grants, which they feel they deserve as a reward for their vote. However, next to no one really wants land. The same cancerous hate that took my relative's life all those years ago is behind the new clarion calls of the devil. Calls to murder, to genocide, to strip us sheep led to the slaughter of all our wool, and to kneel us down and murder us, have rung out for decades, but now ring with a clear frequency, and resonate in the halls of parliament itself.

He submitted. He did his attackers no wrong. We who live for now may soon face his same dilemma.

We seem increasingly upon the brink of making a choice. Do we dig our own graves, do we kneel and hand over all we have? Do we submit and go out with a whimper? Do we flee to nowhere? Do we allow ourselves to be stripped of all we have and then inevitably killed by what often is blood lust, not just land hunger?

Now, while you still can, speak up against the suicide of our nation, against a hate so great it thinks nothing of destroying every life in our nation to satisfy its blood lust. If we are to be led into the gas chambers, machete lines, or before the firing squad, let us not softly submit, but shout out to the heavens with the sickening, soul shattering cry of those who are being murdered. Should we be murdered, let our blood forever stain, let our cry of injustice forever echo across this nation. Let us not go quietly into the dark night, too gentle to call this what it really is.

An enemy so driven by vengeance, that it would destroy everything, willingly, will not be satisfied with land. The people who call to destroy our democracy in their long held plans of collectivised race vengeance and hate, are not desirous of land, but of the endless spilling of our blood itself.

Speak up. It at least is something we
still can do.

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