Thursday 5 December 2013

'You're Just a Female Vagina' Justin Bieber says to woman customs officer at airport... begging the question of his knowledge of English or lack thereof

Justin Bieber allegedly said to a female customs officer at Brisbane Airport that she was: 'Just a Female Vagina'.

Is calling someone female, an insult? Does Justin Bieber know men with vaginas? Did he pass grade school? The alleged comment follows his belief that there was a Sixteen Chapel, when asked of 'Sistine Chapel' in Vatican... due to his seemingly religious tattoos... he clearly didn't know what the Sistine Chapel was.

The incident, involving a grievous insult to a woman occurred after a member of the Bieber entourage was sniffed up by sniffer dog(s), the canine(s) found dagga on the crew member in the Bieber brigade. Whether the crew member was arrested for the cannabis/Marijuana/Dagga is not mentioned by the Sun. What is mentioned is that Justin Bieber was threatened with arrest for insulting the customs officer, cautioned for refusing to remove hat and sunglasses, and was generally a 19 year old overgrown brat... by the sun newspaper wording of the incident...

Vaginas are female, so adding the word female is wholly unnecessary and it is not good etiquette to compare women to a female sex organ...

'JUSTIN Bieber was threatened with arrest when airport sniffer dogs found cannabis on one of his crew.
The pop brat, 19, allegedly insulted a woman customs officer at Brisbane Airport, telling her: "You're just a female vagina."
He was also given a verbal warning for refusing to remove his hat and sunglasses.
Police were alerted to the drugs as luggage from the plane was checked.'

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