Saturday, 19 December 2009

The pain, what it truly is now!

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

A change slightly in the room's temperature,sudden, everything changes, and one is left near empty. The feeling, as though one is too long in lukewarm water, as though drained, as though ones essence is sucked away, and one has nothing, because they have not that!

And inside, the heart feels physical pain, a pain as though a spear splintered into it- and the stomach hurts as well. A desire seems to appear, as though to desire blankness, nothingness, though really- one simply desires comfort, one misreads what one really needs.

One may feel sick, not desire to raise out of bed, not want to eat, or sleep- or do anything. One wants to be nowhere, or anywhere but here.

Odd, our mood is determined by so few things in life, so few people hold the key to our hearts and everything. Everything is so close to falling, our journey rests on the edge of a knife-blade. One individual, one things- makes everything noted.

One wants an end to absence of good, not really an end to self. One wants hope, truth, and shall get it again, if one seeks truth.

If one is depressed, it is because they have hope, for one can only be sad of what they have lost, or could have had.

I know God oddly acts, his ways are strange, odd at the least and most. Yet, his wisdom is great- therefore, I follow my intuition and always do I trust. Do you? Even when one or other thing in the day goes wrong. Often, we can offer it up as a sacrifice, our suffering, and try find God's will. I truly have learnt to find joy in my life, even if things are temporarily awry ... because the tides of life are just that- but the tides of eternity last for eternity.

This advent, look forward to Christ. Have joy, and remember- the darkest clouds move on, too heavy, blown in the winds, but the Christian lasts forever, if he seeks to obey truth always!

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