Monday 7 December 2009

We still are down

Our service may continue to be down for a week. Our twitter should still keep you up to date! It is currently impossible to bypass the technical problem we are having, so I am taking a break from my role as editor of this service for a while.

Perhaps an offsite centre will post in the meantime, the service is not entirely dependant on myself- in the meantime- I am going on holiday from focussing on news for a while- I sense I need to refocus the service anyway- and this is a perfect window for soul searching- who said God doesn't make us take mandated breaks from our moonlighting as a Catholic editor!

God bless,

Hope to be up and running again soon, but if the problem is what I think it is, then this is unlikely to be fixed until around the end of the week.

We plan to dump this week's VIS dispatches and our own articles for the week. VIS is available via subscription from the Vatican website, and online.

We advise subscribing to Zenit, CNA or Catholic World News in the meantime!

God bless,

Marc Aupiais, webmaster and news division head (voluntarily, surprisingly)!

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