Monday 21 December 2020

Stronger Covid-19: What does not kill you makes you stronger. The same is true of viruses and lockdowns.

What does not kill you makes you stronger. The same is true of viruses and lockdowns.

We are endlessly told not to overuse antibiotics, because they create antibiotic resistant bacteria. We likewise are told to always finish our course of medication so that all the illness in us is killed off, so that the strongest ones don't survive, multiply and evolve to be more deadly from a baseline of strength. Evolution favours that which uses the least energy to survive. Difficulty raises that bar and creates stronger species.

We have been locking down our societies, to stop the spread of a virus which is defined against the flu and other viruses by one point more than any other, it is incredibly contagious. If allowed to run its course, it would infect far more people than the flu, and thus even with a low death rate, would kill countless people.

Our response of course, has been to lockdown whenever it looks like it is about to get out of control, to make sure that exponential growth does not see our whole society infected at once, overwhelming our hospitals.

Those places which have locked down the harshest, however, are now the site of new, more serious strains of the same virus. A new, even more contagious version of the thing has emerged, and without as much competition from its lesser peers, is multiplying into many baby viruses from a baseline where it has to do more to survive.

We know lockdowns will not stop the virus. So, we must know that locking down too harshly without ending it entirely will breed lockdown resistant Covid-19 strains, which without lockdowns, when they must end, will enjoy feasting upon us. 

I am glad I live in a mostly rural nation which has been defined by its softer lockdowns (its economy even grew this year). Last night we closed our border to our neighbouring nation, which has locked down far more forcefully, and has perhaps bred a lockdown resistant strain of the infamous coof.

- Marc Evan Aupiais

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