Saturday, 28 November 2020

Reading the New York Times is just reading the NYT. It does not make you elite.

 I'd rather have the opportunity to succeed as me, than have the opportunity to make sure that people who look like me succeed, where I or my children don't get to.

Today's new left seems to be all about living through the lives of others.  

Working for a billionaire elite makes them feel they are like that elite. Having people who look like them, dress like them, have intercourse with people of their type, or with the same dislikes of the body they have as them, makes them feel represented among the elite. 

The problem with what sociology terms sympathetic magic, is that it does not work. Reading the New York Times is just reading the NYT. It does not make you elite. 

It is a rather smart trick to play though. Foster divisive identity. Convince people they are so alike others who look or sound like them or live where they do or have sex like them, that it does not matter whether they themselves are successful in the society they are propping up for the super rich ... who benefit most by a system requiring close contacts with the state; often they run in the same circles as the political elite, or are pleased to have and lobby for regulations they can comply with while new competitors are kept out by the complexity and expense. 

A youth which complains endlessly about a system they themselves vote for every few years, because they feel more part of the elite by doing so, is the opposite of elite and cause their own poverty, tragically, for a hope that does not benefit them personally.

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