Saturday, 13 July 2019

What else explains their actions and their fear of judging based upon the merit of an individual?

Liberals don't believe their victim classes really have agency as people, or free will.

On the right there seldom is a racism steeped in fear; on the left, there is a pandemic racism, cemented in the bigotry of low expectations. Victim class members are treated as infants in need of protection, perhaps as two year olds, whose only duty is to have tantrums and be cared for.

Viewing whole classes of people as pathetic is far worse than the sin of fearing them as profound.

The left are steeped in intersectionality. People on the right usually believe in merit, and in judging large groups of people as large groups of people, but individuals by their own value.

On the intersectional left, they secretly are all white supremacists, at least in how they view the world and act out that belief, and they often act to fight what they ironically believe to be a present supremacy of the white race. This is reflected in different standards for different races.

An example is victim classes needing lesser scores to enter university than other classes. Other examples abound, liberals, for instance, speak in smaller words when speaking to perceived victim class members.

They also don't hold an individual belonging to a victim class to the same standards when judging culpability for one's own calamities in life.

The intersectional left ironically, in the way it lives its beliefs in the real world, judges victim classes as though they were non-actors in life, lesser creations. What else explains their actions and their fear of judging based upon the merit of an individual? They act as though they believe their victim classes to be inferior, surely that is bigotry.

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