Monday, 22 October 2018

How do you 'undo Apartheid', I was asked.

How do you 'undo Apartheid', I was asked.

State intervention has never got rid of such imbalances. What has is integration and capitalism: e.g. the Irish in America.

Political power has never uplifted a group. South Africa is a good example: blacks earned less a year or so ago compared with whites than they did in 1993 compared with whites.

State intervention always hurts those at the bottom most. A free market always uplifts them best.

No amount of state intervention will ever make black South Africans as wealthy as white South Africans. However, let the state back off and the economy grow. Get rid of BEE and most of our labour laws and taxes. You will quickly see black South Africans get wealthier.

But as long as your focus is on bringing down the rich instead of getting out of their way so they can lift up the poor, we will always have black poverty in South Africa.

Within ten years, you might find less than 1% of the population is white. And, you might find South Africa is stuck in the same hole Zimbabwe is in, from which it cannot dig out: because their most productive and best educated citizens will not return.

So, you and all South African voters have a choice: do the whites in, and destroy their wealth, or ally with the whites, and help them cause a rising tide that lifts all boats: the sort of tide which will bring some black South Africans great wealth, and others a little wealth.

Up to you and up to voters, but holding back whites with merit holds back the economy to such an extent that it deeply impoverishes most blacks.

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