Sunday, 5 November 2017

Have a safe and sound Guy Fawkes Day with your pets and family.

Have a safe and sound Guy Fawkes Day with your pets and family.

On 5 November, 1605, a Mr Guy or Guido Fawkes, the son of Edward and Edith Fawkes, was apprehended, below the House of Lords, in Great Britain, with barrels of gun powder, which authorities believed he, and other plotting plotters, intended to set off.

This foiled plot prompted the authorities to issue a request for the people to light bonfires, with due mind to safety precautions, to celebrate the monarch's near escape.

Guy, then a mere 35 years of age, was hung, drawn and quartered on 31 January, 1606, at Westminster, on charges of high treason. He died of a broken neck.

Guy, in modern times has become a symbol of anti-authoritarianism, rebellion , and of anarchist causes, but, traditionally, today was designated a day to celebrate the survival of the British monarch.

For most, however, today celebrates the pride of Prometheus, best encapsulated in the words: 'man make fire', and, in more modern times, 'man make firecracker go boom.'

Happy Guy Fawkes.

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