Saturday, October 9, 2010

Catholic media and the ignorant stupid Vatican

Note by Marc Aupiais

Catholic media due to a recent meeting are lamenting the complete incompetence of the Vatican in media relations- citing the release of codification of women ordination excommunications and sex abuse norms being published together. Also lamenting the lifting of the Williamson excommunication.

The problem with their conclusions is that they are incorrect.

The comparing of women's ordination ceremonies and sex abuse was intentional- the codification in both cases were unnecessary. The Vatican clearly intended to show that the sex abuse was an internal matter of disobedience. Also comparing the two got the sex abuse media coup more coverage.

It is almost certain the Vatican did or should have known of Williamson's views on Jews. SSPX views on the Holocaust are well known, and talks have been going on for years. The Vatican may play dumb, but as a Vatican watcher I can assure you they are among the most sly foxy politicians on the planet.

Williamson was excommunicated for illegal ordination of bishops (ordination is a tricky issue ha?), a theological issue not related to his factual denial of the extent of the holocaust.

From Benedict XVI's history, even though it was not Benedict who lifted the excommunication- it is almost certain that he saw the temporary bad press as worth the risk from regaining the SSPX schismatics into the faith.

The Vatican isn't dumb- but clearly some major media need training in basic office politics.

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