Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Please note our twitter lists!

(South African Catholic)

Article by Marc Aupiais

SACNS, is already availible on twitter- at http://twitter.com/sacns,

But since twitter lists, we can now promote other services, or refine searches in twitter. Please subscribe to:

Catholic services speak!
Some sources we use on secular news, links not endorsements!
Get on the ground news on politics!
Don't subscribe yet, so far just has RSA presidency in it, we use it to kep up to date with RSA's international relations, and  to see how the presidency sees issues, so we can critically analyse this!
Secular sources on celebrities which we consider important to our media reviews of shows, every person needs to be researched if one is to adequately review their work! etc!

These aren't endorsing the sources quoted, it is just part of our long standing see what we see / transparency efforts. These are a minimal amount of sources we follow, there are many many more we monitor, via rss feeds, email and search functions, and more, even via more traditional journalistic techniques, such as sources. Much of these sources are biased, but useful, tell us of what you think of our twitter lists, should we have more, less?

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