Thursday, October 29, 2009

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Media Note by Marc Aupiais

Many of you subscribe to us on twitter, we're grateful, many on facebook, and increasingly by email also, but we want to do more, to do what we can to increase awareness.

We have created the twitter list: (including other services, not affiliated with ourselves, nor guaranteed, though we've tried to choose good services:)

which we advise you to subscribe to in addition to

We are only here because God and goodness needs us independent Catholic services. If you are doing good, tell us about it, and please keep writing. If you are reading us, have you considered subscribing, or forwarding our emails to others?!

We need promotion, the Catholic pro-life media in South Africa are small, much smaller than the pro-abortion, anti-dogmatic section of our local Catholic media. Most services in the new twitter list are international!

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