Friday, July 3, 2009

UPDATE ON: South Africa: State to spy on cell phone, internet, emails of citizens to prevent crime?

(Scripturelink Voters' Guide; c.f. IOL (Secular; independent; South African): via The Star : 02 / 07 | July / 2009 )

Update by Marc Aupiais
This updates: South Africa: State to spy on cell phone, internet, emails of citizens to prevent crime? Where we discussed multiple press reports about the fact that communication in South Africa, is now to be monitored, and stored by providers of service. An assurance by the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development, that phone calls would not be intercepted without a warrant, had caused confusion, over whether or not voice communications over a cellular phone would also be kept in the archives, the state has demanded be made. The details, and further information is in the previous article, where the process of registering users, and previous policy is mentioned!

It does seem from later press, that the RICA (Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication Related Information Act) act will require cellular companies to record, and archive in accordance with identifiable details of users: all voice communications over their networks, to be stored in the archive, which the state will have access to, via a court order, in a manner in which conversations can be linked to individuals. The act, as previously mentioned, would require text messages, and emails to be kept in an archive by cellular companies and seemingly also Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

IOL's The Star claims, as had IOL's Pretoria News, in a separate article:
"While cellphone operators will be obliged to keep a record of SMSes, emails and voice calls in an archive for access by authorities, cellphone calls can be monitored only with the permission of a judge."
(IOL (Secular; independent; South African): via The Star : 02 / 07 | July / 2009 )

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