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SACNS: Recent Tweets on our microblogging platform

(South African Catholic)

[Note from editor: it is also on also [Marc Aupiais's] Myspace: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=146483851&blogId=500154945]
[Note: the quotes are from http://twitter.com/sacns ]

Article by Marc Aupiais

As our regular readers know, we are experimenting quite joyously with microblogging. Due to twitter's seeming policy, the SACNS twitter site, is also my personal twitter. The advantage: as a volunteer based, but professional news service: we cannot give our full time to stories, but I can use twitter anywhere: meaning that our mission can be aided via microblogging 24/7. Our aim: "accuracy without harm", is aided by this: it also means we can give shorter messages: and thoughts, to help you, our readers in a spiritual manner. I hope you enjoy our tweets of late: all of which occurred after our recent compilation a few days ago!

beginning copy:

  1. 1.      The best way to deal with sadness is to help others with their needs! about  1 hour ago from TwitterBerry

  2. 2.      A Little kindness, is like water... Saving... Or destroying. In proportion, it can be good, but harshness can also save, sometimes it must! about  1 hour ago from TwitterBerry

  3. 3.      Live as though the world were watching, we are all one day judged, all will be known! Make amends now, and be accountable to goodness, just! about  9 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  4. 4.      The interacting of true friends, is almost an example of the love of God for God, shown in his love for us, in his image. Marc about  13 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  5. 5.      I find my virtues counter-act would be vice. Goodness as a habit, is vital, even as sin must also be defeated. All evil, is a lesser of good  about  14 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  6. 6.      God is the wisdom... Logic... Order... Flow ... That which we observe in heart and by the sciences... The framework which governs our all!;) about  14 hours ago from TwitterBerry


  8. 7.      What is science, but logic applied, what is logic, but intuitive feel, what is the spiritual, surely not less... Marc about  14 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  9. 8.      If the spiritual is primitive, why then are only the most intelligent beings in the world so concerned with that which is "dead" ... "Gone"? about  14 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  10. 9.      The basis of government is the need for sustained order. Good government needs to be rational and caring, and ethical and rational. about  14 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  11. 10.  An unwatched democracy never remains democratic! about  14 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  12. 11.  New speed fine system seemingly in. Seems ten percent rule is over. From hearsay that is. Careful not to lose licences! Glad I kept to limit about  14 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  13. 12.  God bless. Marc about  17 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  14. 13.  Always drink and drive- drink water that is! Never alchohol, it inter alia dehydrates, and one needs energy and focus to focus on the road! about  17 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  15. 14.  Awake early, it gives you time to think! And pray, and talk with the communion of saints, and our fellow men! Awake early, spiritually too!4:22 AM Jul 13th from TwitterBerry

  16. 15.  Sunday is a gift to us, as with all days of rest or obligation and we require these, like exercise, or nourishment. The mass is prayer, love9:01 PM Jul 12th from TwitterBerry

  17. 16.  God's plan is good, his commands practical, beneficial, and their seeming harshness is good, needed. Our souls rejoice when we serve truth!9:00 PM Jul 12th from TwitterBerry

  18. 17.  Never let your head rest. Keep alert always and in every place. Treacherous is the world, and life can easily be lost, and temporary life go8:58 PM Jul 12th from TwitterBerry

  19. 18.  Humour, is a gift. It softens the seriousness of life, and balances our being! Use it correctly, as a saint understands;)! For it is a gift!8:56 PM Jul 12th from TwitterBerry

  20. 19.  Never ignore your birth right, we are Gods among the nations; creatures in the likeness of God, by design. We must accept our destiny & soul8:54 PM Jul 12th from TwitterBerry

  21. 20.  The concepts of death and bad, and good and life, are intimately connected. What is good: but which is for life...8:51 PM Jul 12th from TwitterBerry

  22. 21.  We are told of joy beyond surface, in fact, we can become joyous of the spiritual and unseen. It is this which makes us content in life, all8:46 PM Jul 12th from TwitterBerry

  23. 22.  Asking God's will, I lost so many friends, and refound Catholicism, at first it was uncomfortable, but the 'bad' which came of prayer turned8:42 PM Jul 12th from TwitterBerry

  24. 23.  Do not be too fast to deem an activity as a failure: God works in many circumstances, and may intend a failure for a purpose;) Even in love!8:38 PM Jul 12th from TwitterBerry

  25. 24.  Rome wasn't built in a day, nor was it the same city in the end. We grow in life, we cannot plan for who we will be better than God is able8:32 PM Jul 12th from TwitterBerry

  26. 25.  To be human is to be connected. No man is an Island, or continent, or log for that matter, we have emotions, and intuition. We are affected!8:28 PM Jul 12th from TwitterBerry

  27. 26.  Take care of the earth, we are its guardians. It is a gift to us, an honour to be given this task: but we are more important than the task;)7:56 PM Jul 12th from TwitterBerry

  28. 27.  Be open to intuitive Truth, to God and conscience, and intuition, and such things. And determine to learn, whatever the surrounds: observe!!4:40 PM Jul 12th from TwitterBerry

  29. 28.  The more everyday ordinary I am, all the less, I serve the Lord. To serve, oft requires practice, power. We cannot expect to win without it!11:08 AM Jul 12th from TwitterBerry

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