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Article by Marc Aupiais

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These are between July 14th and July 17th 2009:

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  1. 1.      Pope Benedict XVI hospitalized minutes ago from web
  2. 2.      Honduras: Bishops support "coup" government minutes ago from web
  3. 3.      2nd Priest murdered this year in Communist Cuba minutes ago from web
  4. 4.      Some more recent tweets minutes ago from web
  5. 5.      Article: some benefits of television, laughter minutes ago from web
  6. 6.      Article: meaning of life & "life alike" minutes ago from web
  7. 7.      Bbc says pope reportedly ok!about 3 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  8. 8.      I often find that what comes most naturally to me, is hard for others: and seldom, what is 'simple', can be difficult for one. We are uniqueabout 5 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  9. 9.      Evil... Has the power you give it over you. Evil is lack: the opposite of fullness. Fullness of truth, is our only remaining path to take!about 5 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  10. 10.  What power we give evil, this power we have lost: less we fight, a hard fight to regain- or the saints and God reclaim it for our self!about 5 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  11. 11.  Chastity is a full commitment. Every inch we give lust: it alters a mile of the soul, it snowballs. We must remain utterly pure- to survive!about 5 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  12. 12.  We are impacted by our society- it is so often this impact which leads hard to end sins into being. We must lean on God and cleanse it away!about 5 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  13. 13.  Have no faith that another is capable of good, and they likely shalln't be- because of you! Because you compromised!about 5 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  14. 14.  Our world will be what God decides, our societies, are affected by our own individual thoughts, words, actions, truths and oppinion, serviceabout 5 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  15. 15.  Pray for the pope, hear he fell and got hurt!about 5 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  16. 16.  The short temporal lives of the popes, are a reminder of our own mortal state. The position remains, as the holders change. Time is shortabout 5 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  17. 17.  The hardship of one day, is the blessing of another. All has a reason. We are but to serve, love, and seek truth persistently, with all!about 6 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  18. 18.  True power lies in intuitive, and other truth. Conscience is a friend, and guide. Hearing it benefits the soul: it gives us a better way outabout 6 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  19. 19.  We are revealed by what we deem just! By how we live, what we deem love!about 7 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  20. 20.  Our true beliefs determine how we react and act! Our intuition let's us know our hope, and what pure belief does not always know!about 7 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  21. 21.  We only tolerate evil while we cannot change things- when we have power to change- it is the duty of good- to alter reality & rid it of evilabout 7 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  22. 22.  We speak truth to become truth. We live truth to become utterly sane in God. We are truth, if we breath and be truth. It is the magic of allabout 7 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  23. 23.  The more powerful the truth in our prayer- the more effect the prayer shall have. It is why we must pray to saints! It is the power of theseabout 7 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  24. 24.  The deep deep magic, by which every miracle is. The powers and forces which govern our being- the magic of all is Truth- it is our powers!about 7 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  25. 25.  We are our truth. However broken it is, we are!about 7 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  26. 26.  A man is not the sum of his possessions, he is the sum of the truth within him. The man is summed by the truth within his or her being!about 7 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  27. 27.  Man is not only largely water, his substance is truth, he lives, if he walks and breathes within & in truth! - Marcabout 7 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  28. 28.  It is always better to tell limited, or ommitted: truth, than a lie!about 7 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  29. 29.  Though I must pray, my task is also to act, affect change. This is a task, a Christian task assigned my soul in conscience- deep intuition!!about 20 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  30. 30.  I often think... My greatest impact is unseen, spiritual, for my every thought is a prayer of effect. This is my task, to serve in prayer!about 20 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  31. 31.  With sleep, by mimicking God, we serve him in rest, and with our inner, latent powers of truth!about 20 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  32. 32.  There is a fate- Of sorts! If not simply the sum of all forces, in reality, which in the end, is a closed system, containing all! inevitableabout 20 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  33. 33.  When we are saturated with regular thought and understand our intelligently formulated researched views: our decisions are better formulatedabout 20 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  34. 34.  To love a friend, is to care for their material being, and their destiny, the state of the soul. Half of friendship is being there & loving!5:05 PM Jul 16th from TwitterBerry
  35. 35.  To love your enemies is to simply treat them as they are due. To love your friends, is to not aid them in evil. Justice, when true, is love!5:02 PM Jul 16th from TwitterBerry
  36. 36.  Our people, our Nation, are not those we are born among: nor those we live by- it is the saints, we are destined to join, who are our people4:49 PM Jul 16th from TwitterBerry
  37. 37.  What is truth in this forest of life: like water, we can detect it, though men distract, and evil, tries ...even here; to make it evade us!3:39 PM Jul 16th from TwitterBerry
  38. 38.  When apart from friends, people often miss the friendship, not the friend. Yet the friendship is less important than a human soul...3:31 PM Jul 16th from TwitterBerry
  39. 39.  If good people do not hold their churches, communities, governments accountable: bad people will, but not to natural law!2:15 PM Jul 16th from TwitterBerry
  40. 40.  Still no explaination as to why a Catholic search service is blocked online in South Africa!1:36 PM Jul 16th from TwitterBerry
  41. 41.  It takes real actions to change the world. We must train up in goodness, and well placed mercy, least we be unprepared. Prayer is our magic!11:00 AM Jul 16th from TwitterBerry
  42. 42.  Infatuations pass... Only, and it is sometimes; sometimes ...Friendship lasts forever. This is why love is a high form of deep friendship...10:37 AM Jul 16th from TwitterBerry
  43. 43.  These similarities in life: all these ideas mimic, however broken: the gospel of Truth. It is a sign of the invasive truth, not relativeness10:27 AM Jul 16th from TwitterBerry
  44. 44.  Apathy is misunderstanding of life, circumstance, self! To care is to not be ignorant, but kindness can destroy too... To be wise is em ...10:07 AM Jul 16th from TwitterBerry
  45. 45.  The material world, as it appears: is only sometimes what really is;)!10:03 AM Jul 16th from TwitterBerry
  46. 46.  Anger is not evil: we feel it, because we have power to change things: how we react to emotion what is ...good or evil! Be rati...10:02 AM Jul 16th from TwitterBerry
  47. 47.  I find it hard ...even: reconcile my friends: ...must we expect the impossible: that all men must reconcile?9:59 AM Jul 16th from TwitterBerry
  48. 48.  We must attend the mass, even in sin: but must we disrespect, defile the Royal host, by taking it in a state of spiritual death!?9:56 AM Jul 16th from TwitterBerry
  49. 49.  The mass is a "prayer ritual": the so-called "highest form": use your body language to treat it as is due; ensure you've confessed your sin!9:54 AM Jul 16th from TwitterBerry
  50. 50.  Do not think it is the end times of the church: ...the death in our cultures is temporary: much still: from that war: in Europe & the world!9:47 AM Jul 16th from TwitterBerry
  51. 51.  Your live and times, shall reveal you. In the true kingdom: your every thought is known, recorded: that all may know! Think righteously then9:44 AM Jul 16th from TwitterBerry
  52. 52.  When we write your obituary, in the hidden hope of God: ...Shall we, your friends, and enemies: write you good... Or evil. And God: will say9:42 AM Jul 16th from TwitterBerry
  53. 53.  There are many unexplained events in life- let us not too quickly condemn these as bad, or those who believe in them. Not all is transparent9:38 AM Jul 16th from TwitterBerry
  54. 54.  Temporal happiness is but a mirage: true happiness, is not dependent on temporary events! It is joy to serve, even unto our own demise!;)9:33 AM Jul 16th from TwitterBerry
  55. 55.  Power- and popularity, esteem- is illusion, are illusion, but useful illusion to the living saint: for they who aim with all- to serve!9:30 AM Jul 16th from TwitterBerry
  56. 56.  Anything bad for the Catholic Faith- in a country- is bad, degrading for the entire nation... For the true Nation, is its Catholic center!;)9:28 AM Jul 16th from TwitterBerry
  57. 57.  Catholics worship saints, citizens worship judges, protestants the bible: but we only adore God: for it is the high worship he alone is due!8:56 AM Jul 16th from TwitterBerry
  58. 58.  We worship God, by worshiping others, true worship is love and we are commanded to love. It is why we call the worship due to God: adoration8:54 AM Jul 16th from TwitterBerry
  59. 59.  Deep inside us, we all want to treat someone special: to pull out the stops, embarressingly: saying they are better than others: to worship!8:50 AM Jul 16th from TwitterBerry
  60. 60.  Never hide from your truth. Yet know: is deeper, greater than you know!;)10:05 PM Jul 15th from TwitterBerry
  61. 61.  We are truth, should we live in truth, for we are of truth!10:03 PM Jul 15th from TwitterBerry
  62. 62.  The true Christian is a prince, or princess, why else would angels, powers answer us?!!!10:02 PM Jul 15th from TwitterBerry
  63. 63.  We are all connected... We are all designed after ...purpose!9:57 PM Jul 15th from TwitterBerry
  64. 64.  Our perceptions are but relative. How are we to judge right and wrong, least intuitively, and by truth?9:41 PM Jul 15th from TwitterBerry
  65. 65.  Patience, submission to the cause of salvation, these are our path from temptation!9:39 PM Jul 15th from TwitterBerry
  66. 66.  The love of God is like no other love. We only rejoice in it when we realize our danger, our hope! It is the sweetest best love~ we need it!9:35 PM Jul 15th from TwitterBerry
  67. 67.  What is man? It's an important request. Man is what he is made to become- by God, or by lack. Man is the most privileged, endangered species9:30 PM Jul 15th from TwitterBerry
  68. 68.  One can close the door to the world, the world remains! We must live in this world- fighting dynamically for truth, goodness! ! Always;)!!!!9:27 PM Jul 15th from TwitterBerry
  69. 69.  Just power in good hands, is wonderful. Goodness should never give up its cause, least it lack soundness, and lose goodness! All has a place9:16 PM Jul 15th from TwitterBerry
  70. 70.  Do not underestimate your own power. You hold the force of life or death. Choose God, who is life. Every one thought alters the world fabric9:13 PM Jul 15th from TwitterBerry
  71. 71.  Be creative. There is a way through, a just solution in obedience to Truth, in any circumstance, every situation. The Christian, must think!9:12 PM Jul 15th from TwitterBerry
  72. 72.  The saint and saint in training, must consider their true nation, their citizenship as that of Heaven. It is our first Nation, our hope...9:07 PM Jul 15th from TwitterBerry
  73. 73.  It is better to obey than keep what hope, what temporary life you have- even should the opposition take your life, or smaller things. Submit9:05 PM Jul 15th from TwitterBerry
  74. 74.  Life is bigger, more nuanced than first expected. We are free, if our souls are healthy. We are endangered should we do evil!9:01 PM Jul 15th from TwitterBerry
  75. 75.  Science: extrapolation, based on the concept of the perception of apparent cause, and seeming effect. Intuition: believed felt perce...3:56 PM Jul 15th from TwitterBerry
  76. 76.  When we note that evil is lack; we understand why the church is called the fullness of truth.3:53 PM Jul 15th from TwitterBerry
  77. 77.  Truth is oft enveloped in layers of distortion. We must oft look from all around: to note the intricate threads below what once seemed real!3:52 PM Jul 15th from TwitterBerry
  78. 78.  The political is always personal- It relates to people, and affects human persons. Never forget this grave fact! For politics alter living!10:12 AM Jul 15th from TwitterBerry
  79. 79.  How different we all are, how altering our circumstance. One may be rejoicing as another person mourns: but we do all mourn all do rejoice5:58 AM Jul 15th from TwitterBerry
  80. 80.  I love winter, as we are in now: it let's you wear warm clothes, drink hot drinks. Why then do men hate difficulty: we should persevere on!5:52 AM Jul 15th from TwitterBerry
  81. 81.  Love is the foundation of the human person- it is in the rules of wisdom which govern all: it is part of it. Every evil is a twisting of it!9:26 PM Jul 14th from TwitterBerry
  82. 82.  A lie is never the right choice. Sometimes, the truth can be withheld, or hidden, but an open lie is never right. There are other ways9:24 PM Jul 14th from TwitterBerry
  83. 83.  When all else fades... Love remains. It is the fabric which binds our being. In the end, it is not emotion, but that of us: like God- Truth!9:22 PM Jul 14th from TwitterBerry
  84. 84.  Even now... All time: God is in the depths of you, and I am there in Spirit also, for we are connected, us people. Pray to God, as one here!9:18 PM Jul 14th from TwitterBerry
  85. 85.  It is always good to explore the feel of a problem: to know its extent, and the extent of our reach as this relates to solving the issue!3:04 PM Jul 14th from TwitterBerry
  86. 86.  Relax often, unwind, then throw yourself into work deeply. If we are rested, we achieve so much. God designed you to rest between work. Live2:55 PM Jul 14th from TwitterBerry
  87. 87.  With so much non-verbal communication, do not be surprized if your self perception influences others. Take care to be right with God then!2:42 PM Jul 14th from TwitterBerry
  88. 88.  Love is that perfectly dynamic sanity, which seems 2 some insane. It is not only emotion. Real love is a spiritual real thing. Is real truth2:03 PM Jul 14th from TwitterBerry
  89. 89.  Recent tweets on our microblogging platform: AM Jul 14th from web
  90. 90.  editorial: Laughter and Television AM Jul 14th from web
  91. 91.  12 / 07 Life and "life alike" AM Jul 14th from web
  92. 92.  12 / 07 Recent and not so recent tweets AM Jul 14th from web
  93. 93.  12 / 07 Bishops on Crisis in Honduras AM Jul 14th from web
  94. 94.  08 / 07 Pope's encyclical released: Charity in Truth AM Jul 14th from web
  95. 95.  07 / 07 Saint Paul's Tomb Discovered! AM Jul 14th from web
  96. 96.  06 / 07 Obama headed for Africa ("DARK CONTINENT") AM Jul 14th from web
  97. 97.  04 / 07 America's Independence day! AM Jul 14th from web
  98. 98.  UPDATE on: State to spy on RSA citizens? AM Jul 14th from web
  99. 99.  RSA coal burning: too high emissions? AM Jul 14th from web
  100. 100.                      01 / 07 Water crisis in cape within few years? AM Jul 14th from web
  101. 101.                      01 / 07 Beware, your conversations recorded? AM Jul 14th from web
  102. 102.                      30 / 06 Pope to meet Obama AM Jul 14th from web
  103. 103.                      30/ 06 ANC in provincial Land grab? AM Jul 14th from web
  104. 104.                      Retraction: involving Rorate Caeli AM Jul 14th from web
  105. 105.                      28 / 06 Plastic bags levy in whales AM Jul 14th from web

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