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Europe; EU; England; London: Long lost mystery novel of controversial Roman Catholic author Graham Greene, discovered: from year of his conversion

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Article by Marc Aupiais

Manuscript Discovered- from the year Greene converted to Catholicism

Famous for novels such as the Quiet American, and The Power and the Glory, Graham Greene, certainly had both fame and infamy in his life, but it seems, his current last word- or should we say lost words, is from an early part of his life, from the year when he converted to Roman Catholicism, from Agnosticism-  before he became infamous, and famous.

"The Empty Chair", a +- 22 000 (Twenty-Two Thousand) word,  5 (five) chapter unfinished hand-written manuscript by famous, infamous Catholic Convert- Graham Greene (02nd October 1904 - 03rd April 1991), has been discovered by a scholar of the Humanities Center of the University of Texas: Francois Gallix, who studies the work of Greene.

The Novel is significant, according to the scholar, because it is from the same year (1926 A.D. when Greene was aged 22 [twenty-two]), when Greene converted to Roman Catholicism, and when he started working for the London Times, on a trial basis.

U.S. Strand magazine is serializing the Manuscript

The manuscript is being serialized by the United States based Strand magazine, which has its roots in Great Britain, and is known for publishing both famous and unearthed literary works for their readers. Strand will publish a chapter at a time- seemingly in each upcoming quarterly issue, and hopes that it will be allowed to ask readers to finish the work- another option being- to get another author to write an ending.

Why Greene chose not to finish the work, and not to publish it, is uncertain. It was written around the time he chose to start writing seriously in order to become a published author.

Greene's Catholicism- an Interesting figure

While originally writing against the suppression and persecution of Catholicism, by the communist regimes of the last century- Green eventually because a sympathizer with those Polish Catholics, and others, who collaborated with the communists. He even became a proud advocate of the Communist ideology- so openly condemned by the church.

The famous author, who converted at age 22, had  certainly had many questionable incidents. He apposed Pope John Paul II on communism, and the sexual ideology of the church. In his later life, the man is also alleged to have had an affair on his wife with an American: Catherine Walston, who was married to someone else at the time.

Allegations involving Greene and communism, have also been found to include notation of the infamous Kim Philby, who had been his superior in World War II. Greene had spent much time in his life attempting to justify Philby's turning to the Solviets. Greene himself, having spent a stint in the British MI6, under Philby- during World War II, became increasingly communistic in his later days, as was seen by some as apparent in his writings.

He died, seemingly never revoking his Catholicism, but also having gained a reputation among some, for his life, which was not seen as in line with the Catholic faith- most especially his sexual activity, and his political yearnings. He was known to carry a picture of Saint Padre Pio around with him, having refused a meeting with the saint when he had a chance to meet with Pio earlier in life- when he had feared meeting what he thought may be a saint: least he be changed. While his earlier books, were credited with an apparent ability to see into the human "soul", his later works were seen as political. They also are alleged to have become shorter over time. He seems to have been accompanied at his death-bed by a priest.

The Manuscript in Context

This latest discovery, would surely be of note then: it falls into the period when famous and infamous Greene, first encountered Catholicism as a convert, and first really attempted to become an author. It (the murder mystery) has been compared to a work of Agatha Christie.

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