Friday, July 17, 2009

Canada in Afghanistan

Opinion / Editorial From The SACNS Canadian Correspondent

Afghanistan, 125 Canadian soldiers have died in this mission, making July this month the worst on record since the war started in 2002. We have lost 5 more lives alone this month, young men. What are we doing over there and what kind of laws are we supporting and helping to be enforced?

This is a country that in April 2009, had a government try and put forth a law which forced women to have sex with their husbands every four days. It caused a huge uproar, world wide, women’s groups were livid, rational people were shocked once again by this countries strange laws? Women protesters were stoned for standing up for themselves. What year is it that these people are living in that are running this country? These women cannot go outside without permission from their husbands, they can’t get medical care, they are owned by these men and kept from getting any type of education, they are raped and are caged victims inside their homes. Do we need a visual picture to understand what these women are going through?

These are supposedly the duties of a wife?? If they divorce these monsters they refer to as men or husbands, they lose their children that is also part of the new law. This is barbaric behaviour by men who run this country and it’s sickening to be fearful and hold back women or anyone else from being educated in anything. Are they afraid women being educated might have more common sense in running their country?

Canada’s, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has proudly stated we are over there to help with human rights and freedom for women, we are helping the Afghan people try and make a better life for themselves and their children. I’m beginning to wonder if he was speaking of the same Afghanistan.

Afghanistan, President Hamid Karzai who has finally pursued in passing this law through, for the Shia minority that takes away women’s rights in their country’s constitution, has been noted to be doing this to obtain greater support for upcoming elections next month ... seems to me that’s enough to not vote for this man. Actually, that should be enough for everyone else that is not in the Shia minority to counter attack those votes against this evil person, I can't use the word man.

A strong message was sent to Karzai, from around the world, who in return has rectified the law, from not just legalizing rape but taken it back to parliament with a clause letting husbands starve their wives if they refuse sex, now. This was announced on July 10, 2009 by the Independent/UK.

Well, doesn’t that just make you sleep better at night knowing President Hamid Karzai has altered it and passed this law finally? It allows a rapist to marry their victims to absolve their crime, seems like a fair gesture and remorse, in my most sarcastic voice ever. If you don’t listen to your husband and provide him with sex he can now starve you to death, seems I’ve lost my appetite just thinking about it.

This is insanity at its best, horrific violence against women, the USA and Britain have spoken out about this along with other Nato countries to withdraw troops if legislation wasn’t drastically changed or altered, where is everyone’s voice now. It’s like threatening a child with punishment, why bother if nobody is going to follow through on the threat, they will repeat constantly.

Maybe pulling our troops out along with as many women and children as possible would be a start to giving this country a kick.

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