Monday, June 22, 2009

Showbiz News: USA: Ugly Betty, a Catholic?

(See What We See News and Archive; c.f.  News24 (Secular; independent; South African): article by a source we have not verified: : 20 / 06 (June) / 2009 )

Article by Marc Aupiais

Warning, article contains satire.

News 24, has a showbiz article, which mentioned Ugly Betty, was a Catholic before she was Ugly, and infers she still is... Catholic that is. Wow.

While noting the obvious: that she isn't "Ugly" in real life, and that she wears a wig, and braces, and glasses, etc for her apparently famous "Ugly" part (wow, who knew, gasp): America Ferrera, who plays Betty in Ugly Betty, has noted, that as a child in high school , the (largely Jewishboys in her community were told to stay away from her as a (people like her:) Catholic, no mention is made in the article, of whether or not girls were also alleged to have been told to avoid her, or how this may have made her feel.

Born of Honduran immigrants to America, her first name seems no surprise (but perhaps it is a stage name: we weren't that interested to find out).

The raunchy show, and fashion centered fictitious world of Ugly Betty (Not released as Ugly Elizabeth): likely stealing their themes from The Devil Wears Prada, hopefully does not reflect her upbringing, not that anyone's heard of Honduran people before, but they need to be proud of something. In any case, America (person) says that being rejected, in America (Country), by them Jewish (some people who happened to be Jewish, when she was in high school, and likely still are, shocking, really) people as a child, which she pins on being a Catholic: helps her play the rejected role of Ugly Betty.

The accused Jewish people's say, was unfortunately not quoted in the Article, perhaps a whole community could not be reached, nor can we verify whether or not her high school oppressors were, as claimed: Jewish, or which sect of the Jewish Religion, or ethnicity they belonged to, or whether there were other girls in her High School: from the News 24 article, which can be read here:

Ugly Betty, seems to reflect neither the morals of the Jewish version of the Ten Commandments, nor the Catholic Version. Whether or not America was ugly or Pretty when she was in High School, is unsure. Whether she was exposed to oppression, or dating woes, is also unclear.

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