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Scripturelink is pleased to announce our Comprehensive Per Section Vatican researching - - Search site!- -

(Scripturelink Update Service: Keeping you up to date with more vital and important issues!)

Scripturelink's 20 search engine site: for all the main aspects of the Vatican site, is (to our knowledge) unparalleled, in this release is both a release, as well as an editor's note, which is not on the original release:

Note from the editor: we would also like to thank Jeff Pinyan (japhy) at The Cross Reference, for also noting our newest useful website. His own PHP search engine for many resources, including papacy speaches, bible, lectionary, etc are themselves extremely useful, and unique, and may be a better resource on some research expeditions than our own. Our own newest site, which, Jeff, whom we know via Catholic Answers Forums: has also been kind enough to mention, searches the Vatican, and does so extensively (most engines having special refinements), including many detailed searches of the different bibles, catechism, Vatican II, Papal speeches, Saints, Liturgy,and both Canon Law and some documents the Vatican has released involving it, and much more.

The reason we ourselves have created a search engine for the Vatican's sites: lies in the extent of ever updating, and generally accepted information that the Vatican provides, vital for news providers, apologetics, and the extensive research our service needs to constantly carry out.

While at times our engine overlaps with other tools, including our own: the hours and days spent on refining the 20 different individual search engines, most of which you can further refine searches' results in, once you enter a query: certainly make this latest Search Engine Site (which we shall give a release about below:) of ours unique!

Below is the release:

Release for :


by via

---Release by Marc Aupiais--- [to also appear on ]

We at Scripturelink pride ourselves in our comprehensive research of topics we cover. We pride ourselves, also on our search engines: and strive to create the best, most comprehensive, and accurate search engines for any topic.

We were searching the Vatican in a custom Google search engine, before they turned to Google.

When the Vatican upgraded to Google: despite the complete adequacy of our own dedicated search engine: we decided to create another search engine to rival their own: so as to still allow Scripturelink viewers, researchers and users, to have the upper edge when doing research on topics which we are able to create engines for, and articles on.

What emerged was 20 specialized, customized search engines, by which users can search different aspects of the Vatican site: the first of which (second linked to) is designed for fast and easy access of the Vatican website by topic. Those who explore these engines: will quickly note how detailed, specific and referenced the information they can gain. They can look at the exact section they desire, and avoid all of the confusion inherent in using the Vatican's own search engine.

Be it Canon law, along with comments on it from the Vatican, or Vatican II with the Vatican's documents about it, be it the Catechism, or compendium- we have created specific multi-language searches on many useful topics, which make research allot easier.

In addition to our 20 search engines, we have created one to search the search site, and may create user friendly articles to accompany the site in the future: to make the Vatican even easier to search.

Below, we have included a gadget, by which you can test each of the different lenses by which we have decided to search the Vatican. Remember, once you have searched on each topic, we have also created additional refinements, or lables: which allow you to search in an even more specialized way. We have also created hints on how to search harder topics.

Where else can you search the works and speeches of each pope individually, or the Second Vatican Council, in so many different languages: in such a way that you can search each and every document individually?

Where else can you search the Canon Law Codification, the catechism, the Bible: and the documentation online, which the Vatican has created to accompany them..?

We deeply hope that you, our viewers, our users, our non-paying customers: will dare to try out our newest search engine site compilation site:

: the default page of which automatically searches the Vatican.

Of especial note, is our engine to search the Vatican State, containing so many individuals website, that the Vatican State has. We welcome your feedback, but truly ask that you both use and promote this technology.

(Our old search engine for the Vatican is still availible as linked to from the acclaimed Scripturelink Search site. Please try out our latest invention, even if you are attached to our old, and now outdated previous search engine for the Vatican Site, which gained so much acclaim. We would love all our users, viewers, and newcomers to experience our new, detailed Vatican Searching site: which we have made with you in mind.)

Below is a small navigation bar, with which to explore the different lenses through which to see the Vatican site, and below that are html links to the search pages currently in the navigation bar.

Navigation bar: it is hard to fit this in blog format, so we have not given it the proper width: none the less, if you place your mouse over it, and scroll down, it should work, and the full version of it is on each of the search pages (to our knowledge)!

Vatican-search: site navigation:

Now, if you have found our out of place navigation hard: it is simply a gadget which links to different parts of the Vatican Searching Research site

A site, currently:

Containing: the follow search engines:

Search this ( search site

Search the Vatican in general

Search the Vatican State (country, history, tourism, museums, local structures, media, landmarks etc)

Search Papal information and speeches on the Vatican Site

Search News, media and information on Vatican sites + Vatican vetted Jesuit Newspaper

Search the Second Vatican Council on the Vatican Website

Search inter alia Liturgy, Papal Calendar, blesseds, saints on the Vatican Site

Search Saint, Blesseds, canonization Information on the Vatican Site

Search inter alia the New American Bible (and other languages versions, and Pontifical Biblical Commission) on the Vatican Site

Search Catechism and Compendium (and Interdicasterial Commission for the Catechism of the Catholic Church) on the Vatican Site

Search the 1983 Codification of Canon Law (and Pontifical Council for Legislative (Ecclesiastical) Texts) on the Vatican Site

Search the Roman Curia (Bodies set up to act on behalf of the papacy on matters)

Search the Pontifical Academies (Cultorum Martyrum, Ecclesiastical, Life, Sciences, Social Sciences)

Congregations (Faith,Oriental Churches, Worship / Sacraments, Saints, Evangelization, Consecrated Life / Apostolic Life, Catholic Education, Bishops)

Commissions (Cultural Heritage, "Ecclesia Dei", Archeology, Biblical, Theological, Catechism of Catholic Church, Latin America)

Tribunals (Penitentiary(sin), Roman Rota; Supremo Tribunale della Segnatura Apostolica)

Councils (Laity, Chrst. Unity, Family, Justice + Peace,Cor Unum, Migrants + Itinerants, Health,Church Law, Inter-rel. Dialogue, Culture, Soc. Comm.)

Chorus Sistine Chapel, Basilica Excavations Office, "Latinitas",Publishing House,Equestrian Order , Pilgrims, Sacred Music, Vatican Press

Synod of Bishops

Offices: mostly Vatican Finance / economic issues

Secretariate of State : Diplomacy, Peter's Penance etc (Secretary of State deals largely with foreign issues)

Pontifical Committees e.g. Eucharistic Congresses, Historical Sciences; Labour Office of the Apostolic See; Swiss Guard

Copyright Marc Aupiais. All Rights Strictly Reserved!

As an internationally collaborative: initiative to provide a more transparent, accurate view of the world: This service is brought to you by the Scripturelink Search Engine (quotations, or confers in this service/initiative, are provided to give perspective independently, or reference some external sources: and do not imply collaboration, or any kind of affiliation, or co-operation with other services, or initiatives, which are quoted or noted in articles)

Check the accuracy, and perspectives of our contents via the above listed search engine: against other "Catholic" services

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