Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My conversion-- The Spiritual story--

Now, I am well, known for refusing to reveal the story of my faith; simply, I don't trust to know it. I am often asked, how is it you re-entered the Catholic faith. I am often also told of how much better a person I am as a Catholic.

The reason I am cautious, is partly that conversion is spiritual, not just physical. Granted, the Sacraments and our Godly actions are a bit of both. I am at the stage of my conversion that I am at, because I have followed that deep conscience within my heart as far as I have, and because of the depths and other things, which seem to have always kept me on the path towards goodness, even as I have fallen before. I also believe that conversion, is a lifelong process: that while I may enter heaven should I die today(, as i believe all who truly obey conscience and deeply seek real truth of Life and God shall, should they not reject the truth knowingly), that I must always strive to become more Christian, and closer to the Lord, my God: Jesus Christ, God the Father, and God the Holy Spirit.

My Saint Name, is Philomena, it is the name I adopted at confirmation. I would refuse to be called by it, but the reason I chose it, is because I pray to my Patron Saint daily, and truly believe she is the one who has been my guide throughout life, that she is in my heart and soul, guiding and protecting, and serving me.

One's Saint name, is the name of the Saint, sent to guard one in the Faith. My Christian name is Marc, even as my Saint Name, is Saint Philomena.

So, what can be learned of me: don't ask God which is the right or true church, you may deceive yourself away from truth: ask him where he wants you, and follow the deeper true intuition within. If truly followed, one may realize that the fullness of all spiritual Truth is found by continuing after God with all you are: in Catholicism. Pray to Mary, if there is no mortal sin, as some protestants say: then there is no risk of harm, should you disobey such beliefs as they hold. Also, ask Philomena to be your saint, and Ask God to empower her to guide your entire life.

So, I am still not writing a conversion story, but I will admit this: conversion is spiritual, it is internal: it requires you to keep looking for God, and to keep following the deeper intuition within. It requires you to never rest your head, but always to ask if you are doing right. It takes the extra mile. I have stayed up until i could not think, praying, or working for God. Granted, I have also gone to bed early.

 I serve the Almighty, it is my task, yet even I make so many mistakes, and that claim, is my own statement, for I believe that I, that humble, lowly: I served God, but I may not be serving him. Such is the sort of statement which made me search deep, until I began to gravitate towards the Sacramental, the Catholic Church. Such is what aided me, along with many events and occurrence, on my path to my own beliefs and hopes.

I would risk my soul, that the Catholic truth, is the truth, and that the Magisterium of the Ecumenical Councils, is infallible: as far as eternal spiritual and moral questions go. I would risk that the bible truly edifies us spiritually. But only because of the spiritual, because I believe in Philomena, and that she was Catholic, because of all I have felt in my deep intuition today and always.

So, if you desire, start looking inside for the truth, and start to realize God is truth, and that he is in you, and in every molecule, for he designed them. Pray to the Creator of All, who flooded the Land, and who Raised Jesus Christ from death, and ask for his eternal will in your life, as I did. It may be the hard path, but it is the way to life, to hope, and to joy. Ask that he convert you constantly towards him, and change your spiritual, with real change from that moment. Ask to grow constantly, and never seize to grow, so long as you live on earth. Ask to be real, to be true.

My God is the Catholic God: The Lamb of God. He is my only God, whom I pray to directly, and who I ask the saints to pray to or beseech for me. He is the same God from which I have breath, and through whom all saints act.

Note: the article is about my reversion so to speak, from Cafeteria Catholicism, and "protestant" influence, into doctrinal Catholicism, and complete adherence to the salvic properties of the Sacraments.

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