Friday, June 12, 2009

Modonna annexes "her" latest another child, ignoring objections from it's "Father"!

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Op/Ed by Marc Aupiais

What is more shocking than the fact that children from Africa, are being given off, as celebrity pets, is the justification often heard: "Madonna" et al will give them a "better life". As though life were only material things, as though Family meant nothing? As though the child was a commodity, or to be "prostituted" from their culture, for physical riches. Rather, seemingly based on the personality of the person who is ripping them away from their culture, from their home, from their homeland and country, and in this case, from their alleged father, a child is seemingly allowed to be taken! What, because someone who wants it, is better off than the alleged biological parents? How did Madonna get to the top of the adoption list anyway? Are African children for sale officially now also: instead of for money: for personalities?

The decision did not strike me personally by surprise, I had heard some non-legal factors in rumor, which hinted that the higher court would choose Madonna's side: despite there being a Malawian man, who was allegedly lied to that the child died in childbirth, and thus had allegedly had the child taken from him, by the mother's relatives.

Madonna, had allegedly created a charity,to "educate" and feed and aid Malawian Children, with AIDS: "Raising  Malawi", and apparently this was part of the apparent claimed reason that the child could be ripped away from Malawi, without blood testing, or investigation of the alleged father (granted, the child's mother's DNA may be needed to ensure it was accurate, but could not an investigation reveal more?). My chief concern, is that such seems to go against the spirit of the Genocide declaration, which aimed at preserving the National integrity of groups and possibly their cultures, when it said that forcible transfer of children (with certain intent), was genocide. It concerns me more, that Madonna, who sold raunchy photos of herself in her "Sex" book, and has pretended to be "Jesus Christ" (where she had herself "crucified") at a concert: does not seem to care at all that the child may have a father, who was lied to, and had his child taken from him.

It is highly doubtful that Madonna holds either the possible culture, or possible religion that the child would otherwise have held. While she has riches: will she truly love, and care for the child, will she be a good role model: or turn it into something like her, or into a figure to reconcile her image? As I said, I personally expected the decision, but not for legal reason:

(CBS News [Independent; American; Secular])

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