Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ireland; EU: Pope said to be "very upset", by treatment of children in now defunct Irish Reform, and Industrial Schools: by abusers, allegedly including Catholic Institutions!

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Article by Marc Aupiais

According to Reuters:

"Pope Benedict was very upset by revelations that priests and nuns had beaten and raped children for many years in Irish industrial schools, the Catholic Archbishop of Dublin said on Monday.

A harrowing report into the systemic abuse in Ireland's now defunct system of industrial and reform schools has shocked the once devout Catholic country and put pressure on religious orders who ran the institutions to pay more compensation.

"He was very visibly upset, I would say, to hear of some of the things that are told in the Ryan Report and how the children had suffered," said Archbishop Diarmuid Martin."
(Reuters (Secular; British; independent) 08 / 06 (June) / 2009 )
Pope's Response

The Pope, having been quoted as saying what he did above, then had allegedly also told Irish Church leaders, not to interfere with the legal process: i.e. to let justice take its course. This is very similar to his reactions elsewhere: where he personally apologized for abuses by priests in Countries he had visited, such as Australia, and the United States of America despite his record of being a tough guard, and enforcer of morals, human rights, values and religion, and thereby likely largely, if not entirely innocent of any of the alleged cover ups.

About the Report:

The Ryan Report details inter alia: rape, physical abuse, slave labour: in Irish "Reform", and "Industrial" schools of the prior century, many of which had had connections with the church. It highlights abuse by priests, foster parents and volunteers: who operated under the external attitude, which did not think that these people (despite being perfectly human), could be abusing so many children. One of the institutions allegedly involved in the tragic abuses ("Christian Brothers"), succesfully sued the Irish government, to have the names of alleged abusers excluded from the published Ryan Report.

How the Pope has previously treated similar circumstances:

Benedict XVI, like many faithful Catholics: has already expressed (in his case:) publicly, his utter horror, as to other incidences of abuse. When he did so, he took the actions of guilty abusers personally, and bypassed some local church authorities, which had allegedly, in the countries concerned: not treated alleged victims with a serious, or respectful, or sympathetic attitude. Benedict XVI's opting for transparency, a modern value: has certainly played a role: in the fact that authorities in the Irish church have taken this seriously.

Some concerns involving the South African Church, and a Mail and Guardian Article, of which the Church's representation has not denied any claims against it in the article: to us:

In a similar alleged circumstance, involving allegations against an unidentified member, allegedly of the church hierarchy in South Africa, published in the Mail and Guardian newspaper, earlier this year, it was alleged that the local church, had acted suspiciously, over a request for an investigation into an alleged childhood abuse of a person, by a representative of the church.

More than just a few weeks later, our own investigation into the allegations which were openly published by the aforementioned paper (A weekly, which was, last time we checked: linked to by at least one important RSA [Republic of South Africa] Catholic Church Hierarchy site), has been met with a wall of silence.

Even our own basic emails have not been replied to, by Local Church representation, since we began our own independent investigation into serious allegations and implications: as though to pretend the the Church representation had not received our emails. This is concerning, as the Mail and Guardian article also alleges a similar response. The allegations, involved an investigation which had allegedly been conducted in what the article alleged was certainly a very irregular manner.

Payouts against those allegedly culpable, according to the report: in the Alleged systematic abuse in Ireland

The payouts, against inter alia: Church and government, in the Republic of Ireland, according to Reuters, could reach up to a billion Euros, over these actions of some of their respective representatives in the now defunct institutions of the 20th century reform and industrial school system. The Ryan Report raised concerns: both over then representatives of Church institutions, and over state authorities, which originally tasked these and other allegedly "guilty" institutions with the care of the reform and industrial schools, and which allegedly turned a blind eye to abuses which were allegedly occurring.

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