Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dornan Amendment Law, Please Support Susan B. Anthony List against the latest effort of repealing the Ammendment, which the List notes: helped reduce abortions!

(article based on email release to us by the list)

Your support is needed in the Dornan Amendment law which has come under attack by President Obama. This information was released directly to our editor today asking for his support in spreading awareness through his readers with the hope and prayer for the District of Columbia in their mission to enforce this law and not have it abolished.

President Obama's budget submission of May 7, 2009 requests the House and Senate to repeal a law referred to as the Dornan Amendment, which has banned the use of federal taxpayer-funds for abortion in the District of Columbia (except to save the life of the mother, or in cases of rape or incest).

From 1988 until 1993, Congress included this important amendment. The ban was temporarily lifted during the Clinton Administration, but was restored again in 1996 and has been in effect ever since.

A repeal of the Dornan Amendment is problematic for many reasons, not the least of which is that it does not serve to reduce abortions.

According to 2005 statistics released by the Guttmacher Institute, the research arm of Planned Parenthood, 37% of all pregnancies in D.C. ended in abortion, which is the highest rate of any state in the country. We can only expect this number to rise if public funds are used to pay for abortions.

The Guttmacher Institute routinely issues reports showing that when public funding is not available 30% fewer women on Medicaid have abortions. That means approximately 30% of babies whose mothers receive government subsidized health care likely survive due to abortion funding restrictions.

Additionally, the District of Columbia has a record of abusing taxpayer funds for abortion. In the 1980's, when the District had the most permissive abortion funding policy in the nation, abortions were funded for anyone - not just Medicaid recipients. Elizabeth Reveal, D.C. budget director at the time, "confirmed that the District's government has a policy of funding abortion on demand and does not attempt to determine the circumstances of the pregnancy."

(Philadelphia Inquirer, August 1, 1985). In 1994, when the Dornan Amendment was repealed during the Clinton Administration, Mayor Sharon Pratt Kelly authorized the use of $1,000,000 from the Medical Charities fund, which was originally created to provide funds for AIDS patients, to pay for abortions.

The Pro-Life women in Congress are planning on holding a press conference and giving speeches on the House floor this week to address this issue.

Attached for your consideration is an easy petition to Congress on this issue.

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