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Brazil: Archbishop José Cardoso Sobrinho joins accusations against Vatican based paper: of anti-life "bias"

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Catholic Culture (Catholic; independent; American) 16 / 03 (March) / 2009; 04 / 06 (June) / 2009; LifeSiteNews (Catholic; Independent; Canadian) 03 / 06 (June) / 2009; Catholic Exchange (Catholic; independent; American) 30 / 03 (March) / 2009; 21 / 03 (March) / 2009; Scripturelink Search Engine (associated with this service) on the matter: included relevent results on 05 / 06 (June) / 2009; Catholic Hierarchy (Catholic; Independent; Unknown region) accessed 05 / 06 (June) / 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

For some time now, it has been an issue of contention, with accusations in the air, that L'Osservator Romano, has been tainting their articles with a strong pro-abortionist slant. Now, Archbishop José Cardoso Sobrinho, has joined sources, such as "Catholic Culture", in attacking the Vatican based (though not Vatican vetted) newspaper based on his perception that they had slighted him.

Our readers may remember our story on a 9 year old girl, who was allegedly continuously raped by her step-father, with no intervention from the mother, and how the mother forced the child to have an abortion, instead of the alternative of a medical procedure, which would have allowed the offspring of the girl to survive. This despite the hospital where the child had first been investigated: firmly noting that there was no risk to either child, or her twin offspring, should she continue with the pregnancy: in their medical opinion.

They (Readers) may remember, that Archbishop José Cardoso Sobrinho, had used what power he had in Canon Law, to note that the seeminly negligent mother and the doctors, who had killed the 9 year old's twin offspring (though not the child, who was too young), had incurred automatic excommunication under the 1983 codex of Canon Law. As Canon Law does not prescribe an automatic (Latae Sententiae) excommunication for crimes, which are terrible, but not considered genocide (Abortion: article 2, section d, UN  (United Nations's) declaration on the Crime and Punishment of Genocide (before America and Britain legalized abortion): the Catholic Church, has itself: defined abortion as as bad as genocide, in Vatican II, Gaudium et Spes): such as serious common-law crimes as rape, the archbishop, was unable to declare the step-father excommunicated, without an investigation into inter alia: whether or not the step-father had raped the child, which would need to be conducted by the church. As the abortion was clearly, openly, defiantly, and publicly done, and, under Canon Law: is a different category of crime (possibly including heresy), the mother and doctors who insured the twin offspring were killed, had been excommunicated. The Archbishop, had simply reaffirmed a fact, which had already occured, "spiritually", and with automatic effect, directly from the knowing performance of the Canon Law Crime against the Catholic God (according to Vatican II), of the perfoming of an intentional direct abortion, or aiding and abetting it.

The girl's parish priest had further driven hundreds of miles daily, and offered to take every measure and the church has many, in order to care for both the young girl, and for her two healthy offspring, despite playing no part in the tragedy. Instead, the mother did everything in her power to insure an abortion, and was quick to get her daughter (abused under her care), to undergo an operation, where doctors directly, knowingly and intentionally killed her two offspirng.

Instead of praising Archbishop José Cardoso Sobrinho, of Recife and Olinda, as Cardinal Re, Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, had: the President of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Archbishop Salvatore Fisichella, had in March heavily criticised the Brazilian Archbishop: noting that he should have emphasized "mercy". The President of the Pontifical Academy of Life, used L'Osservator Romano to do this.

The Archbishop: Archbishop José Cardoso Sobrinho, has raised concerns over L'Osservator Romano: claiming that they refused to publish his side of the story (which our service still hasn't heard), while publishing negative, even patronising criticism of the Archbishop, by Archbishop Salvatore Fisichella, the President of the Pontifical Academy for Life. He (The Brazillian Archbishop) further claimed that the Vatican based (though not Vatican vetted) paper's article was factually incorrect.

Writing on this situation, Fr. Tom Euteneuer, the President of Human Life International: noted:

"The incident in question involves — unbelievably — the head of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Archbishop Rino Fisichella, who issued a statement on March 15th criticizing a bishop in Brazil for properly declaring to be excommunicated the doctors who performed an abortion on a nine-year-old girl who was pregnant from rape. The girl was pregnant with twins so the doctors aborted two babies. Despite her young age, she was not in any serious danger (according to the hospital), nor were the two babies she was carrying in any danger. Even if she would have been in danger, the abortion would have been immoral because the direct killing of the innocent never is allowed. It goes without saying that the Church condemns unequivocally the incestuous act committed against this young girl, however, the issue of excommunication of the perpetrators of the abortion stands on its own and deserves applause, not criticism by other prelates. Unfortunately, Archbishop Fisichella is not the only bishop to publicly criticize the decision of the Brazilian bishop in applying church law.

The innocent little girl, thus, became the center of a perfect storm created by the abortion industry which capitalized on her victimization to promote abortion in Brazil where it is currently illegal. Unfortunately, Abp. Fisichella’s intervention gave the impression of a quasi-doctrinal statement and played right into the hands of the abortion promoters by seeming to give permission for abortion in such a “hard case” scenario. Archbishop Fisichella was not condoning these abortions per se, but due to some unfortunate choices of words in his article, and predictably, on the very day that Abp. Fisichella issued his statement, the Associated Press picked it up and titled their own article, “Vatican prelate defends abortion for 9-year-old.” The world is indeed watching and listening to what comes out of the Vatican because of the Holy See’s immense moral and spiritual authority; hence the responsibility to be loyal without fault when speaking in the name of the Catholic Church.

I applaud most of all the handling of this case by the local diocese in Brazil and pray that all bishops may take an example from this picture perfect handling of a difficult pastoral situation. Credit needs to go to Archbishop José Cardoso Sobrinho and several priests of his diocese for providing generous pastoral care to the family during this terrible crisis. Indeed, when the girl was transferred to a hospital 140 miles from the parish, her priest travelled that distance every day to visit her and to assure the family that the Church would provide every possible care for the welfare of the three vulnerable children.

The great irony in all this is that while we get little or no support from Church officials to correct bishops who are negligent in their duty to guard the faith and the flock, in this case, the local bishop did exactly the right thing in issuing this excommunication edict and he was slapped down by a Vatican official!

The appearance of a Vatican compromise on this issue comes at the worst possible time in the cultural and political situation of Latin America. This Catholic continent is especially the target of attack by the aggressive forces of the culture of death, so the last thing we need is for the Church to look weak or divided about our teachings or our resolve to fight the purveyors of death to our brothers and sisters there. The Catholic Church, and her divine authority, is in many places the only shield that the unborn have to keep the abortionists’ instruments of death from them. Let us pray that the Vatican will rectify this error and fortify that shield without delay. The unborn children of Brazil as well as all other parts of the world are counting on us!
(Catholic Exchange (Catholic; independent; American) 30 / 03 (March) / 2009)

According to LifeSiteNews, which quotes the Brazilian Archbishop, as he was quoted in French media:

""We sent the archdiocese’s response to Mgr Fisichella’s article to Rome. It’s a natural right to be allowed to respond if someone has been publishing false information, for who knows which motive: the readers of L'Osservatore should also be in a position to know the other point of view."

The article, entitled "On the Side of the Brazilian Girl," shocked the pro-life world by defending the doctors who killed the unborn twins of a nine-year-old child in Recife, Brazil, and criticizing Cardoso for announcing the automatic excommunication from the Catholic Church incurred under Church law for committing an abortion.

Cardoso observes that the piece by Fisichella contained raw factual errors. In particular the article implied that the world would never have known about the case if the Archbishop had not mentioned the excommunication, suggested that Cardoso had immediately announced the excommunication without prior contact with the media, and that the girl's life was in danger from the pregnancy.

In reality, the Brazilian media had already been reporting on the girl's situation for several days, and the hospital where she was initially admitted acknowledged that she was in no danger at the time of the abortion (see LifeSiteNews' extensive coverage).
(LifeSiteNews (Catholic; Independent; Canadian) 03 / 06 (June) / 2009)

Representatives of the Brazillian Bishops' Conference, had already, as had Cardian Re: made a statement in support of the Brazillian Archbishop. The Catholic church teaches that rape is not an adequate reason for the procurement of an abortion against an innocent life. In the case of a Cancerous womb, where another option does not exist, the church allows the removal of the womb, but while the womb-bound child may die from such, the intent is not to kill the child, as any abortion will always include as an intent. As the child is not an "unjust agressor", it is very unlikely that the Law of Dual Effect, can be applied to abortion.

Editorially: The general bias again the Fetus (Latin for offspring), is quite clear: in that when an abortionist, who killed children, who were capable of surviving outside of the womb (Dr George Tiller, the Kansas Late Term Abortionist), was assasinated at his church, where he was an usher: there was outright condemnation of the anti-life act, of killing him, despite the many he had killed: but when a woman is raped, it is adequate justification, in the eyes of many legal systems (created by politicians, who are empowered, often by Catholics): to kill a child, who has yet to commit a single wrong.

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