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Americas News: Late Term Abortionist, George Tiller Dies: death gets more recognition from major pro-life group, than countless victims of his late term abortions were given by him, and his allies in the "White House"

(Southern African Catholic Dispatches ; c.f. BBC World News (British; Secular; Independent) 01 / 06 (June) / 2009 ; 31 / 05 (May) / 2009 ; "Inside Catholic" (Independent; American; Catholic) 16/ 03 / 2009 ; Archive 29 / 05 (May) / 2009)

Foreword by Marc Aupiais

Note: in my Foreword, I have included Catholic doctrine on this matter, and some vague ideas of legal systems. This is not to be viewed as legal or theological advice, nor as any basis for any action. It was simply provided: as part of an analysis: as relating to the increasing danger, that such attacks as occurred: may become increasingly less isolated. 

Such is a possible fear: unless negotiation, and compromise are at all considered by those who allowed the victim of recent violence: to become an example of what their laws, and statements enforce. That is: a society, which judges human beings: not based on whether or not they are technically alive: but whether or not the law of a country permits them to be called "persons"

The entire situation, and not simply the tragic end: is tragic, and abominable: especially, as present sentiment in the "White House", may well have raised tensions further. 

South African Catholic, sadly joins those condemning this murder, even as we do not endorse the countless killings he has performed: of children awaiting birth, whom the BBC, says: could have survived outside of the womb. The whole situation: including the murder of the doctor concerned: is tragic. More tragic, perhaps: are the unreported deaths of other victims (his victims) of this circumstance somewhat created by the courts, and government in America, which, like some races, some persons were: about 80 years ago: also not considered by some, notably governments: to be human persons, and who were thus systematically killed.

Foreword, and some background:

Doctor George Tiller killed countless unborn children (Fetus is a Latin word for "offspring") in Late Term Abortions: and with the ear of the previous Kansas governor: Kathleen Sebelius (who had even thrown a party for him and staff from his abortion clinic): he avoided private law suits: and any requirements for explicit medical reasons to kill fetuses  (this according to "Inside Catholic" (Independent; American; Catholic) 16/ 03 / 2009 ).

The governor, who supported him, is now Health and Human Services Secretary , under the Obama Administration. Her Late term Abortionist friend, so protected under her previous legal protection, however, had not been protected from a final, successful assassination attempt, which saw him gunned down at a protestant church, he had been ushering at. The killing, of the doctor: was acknowledged quickly by abortion sympathists: including U.S. President: Barack Obama's Administration, which was quick to condemn the killing. The Pro-life, was equally quick in the condemnation. It's religious affiliations and other factors: have meant that this is the first killing of an abortionist in about 11 years: leaders of the major movements: once again affirmed that their cause was to be gained by peaceful means.

According to the BBC: Late Term Abortions are: "those that are performed on foetuses that could survive outside the mother's womb" (BBC World News (British; Secular; Independent) 01 / 06 (June) / 2009 ). They say, that his, was one of only three (3) US (American) clinics, which at this time, have been performing Late Term Abortions in the United States of America (USA).

The doctor: who has so profited from killing fetuses near the very end of pregnancies, himself, was killed (15h00 Greenwich Meridian Time; This Sunday), while ushering at a church grouping called: the Reformation Lutheran Church. The church was in Wichita, Kansas. The church, did not seem so bothered, as some others in the "Christian fold" had been: by those who he killed for profit, but only with his murder. The person alleged to have murdered the infamous and controversial doctor, has seemingly been arrested. It seems, that Johnson County Sheriff's representation, noted that a man called Scott Roeder (according to The Star (South African; Secular; Independent) 01 / 06 (June) / 2009), has been arrested, as a suspect of the alleged murder. The Star, noted that a man bearing his name has a history of criminal activity, and had voiced some anti-abortion perspectives on online chatrooms. His religious affiliations, if any at all, are not known to our service at this time.

Catholic Doctrine on the matter: generally forbids such assassinations, as it forbids vigil-anti activities generally, also:

Doctrinally speaking, so as to explain why the church generally condemns both this kind of activity, and terrorism in general: 

Catholic theologians, in America, the region where this murder occurred: generally forbid the assassination of abortionists, or others in a similar position, in accordance with the restrictions on so-called just resistence against a political power: exceptions mentioned by some well-known Catholic thinkers in America include: if directly in the clinic, in the very room, right next to an abortion occurring: by circumstance: when one has a realization of what these theologians have said: is happening, where such theologians apply the law of dual effect, where they consider killing/"Lethal force" an "acceptable means" in order to, according to their reasoning: save a life (they do so: by taking such to account with general Catholic teaching, which considers the fetus to be a person, and requires the saving of an innocent life to be generally paramount): of course: Catholics, by their same reasoning, are not to go to clinics with this intent. They certainly are not to go about the streets hunting abortionists, in line with Catholic doctrine, on general respect for the place of law, and general order.

 Exceptions, (except in a general state of what could be termed "Just Uprising", or "just resistance against a political power" to paraphrase the Catholic Church's catechism) to the general rule of non-violence, in the current circumstances, are reportedly almost theoretical, in how rarely they could possibly occur. These generally come from Catholic War doctrines, which are very similar to those rules set out in the Geneva Convention. Further, they are generally mentioned, in order to answer why it is not acceptable to kill an abortionist: if indeed the state is killing millions of human beings. Further, the resistence, is seemingly against a political power. It is doubtful, therefore, that any accepted Catholic doctrine played a role, in this killing.

The effect of these writings: has generally been to quell anger in the Catholic community. More than that, most of the American Pro-life has adopted a similar position, so far as forbidding assassinations, and bombings etc: leading to little or no violence, and little to no assassinations in general. The exceptions, and specifics, themselves are thought to cause persons to not act in violence, in that they very strictly define what is considered moral, and contain prescriptions which make circumstances where Catholics use force: rare.

Such doctrines also provide a common ground on which to prevent violence. Further, the ethics of such a situation relate to whether or not an act is ethical, and not whether or not it is legal so far as a country's law is concerned. There has been a case, where a Jewish lawyer argued, seemingly based on the legal concept of "Natural Law" (from which we get vague concepts of human rights): that the killing of an abortionist was legally acceptible. His client, was executed.

I am not sure of the religious beliefs of the assassin of Late Term Abortionist: George Tiller, however, this isolated event is a sharp reminder, that persons, without adequate reasons, provided by others: to act peacefully,  with little hope in achieving their means eventually do seldom resort to violence, when the politicians of their society absolutely choose to silence them. What is concerning, is that the Obama administration is gradually moving towards positions, which may cause these very isolated attacks to increase from different groupings (i.e. towards a situation where political means are less tenable to such pro-lifers, and where persons will possibly find greater justification in religious, and other doctrines: which have thus far held them back.). Hopelessness, and violence, often coincide, which is partly, why we have so carefully analysed such, and noted the doctrines of the Catholic church: which is generally peaceful, and itself is unlikely to be involved in attacks: but whose doctrine, like others' patience, also has limits, which may coincide with others: to conclude of the danger of refusing to negotiate, of the great fear one may feel when watching events in America.

The current attack, seems not to be by any planned group, but allegedly by a man, possibly with a seemingly criminal past, who was spurred on, after speaking in a chartroom online with like minded individuals. As mentioned above, Doctor (Dr.) George Tiller, has consistently made himself a figure noted by the pro-life for his particular brand of abortion specialization. Those who base their their arguments in attempts at justification of legally enforced endorsement by states of abortion: on brain activity, have not been able to deny, that those this doctor, was permitted under U.S. law to kill: likely were of the sort, which mostly had full brain activity, and could survive outside of their mother's womb, etc.

South African law prescribes a long jail term for any person who directly prevents an abortion from occurring, which theoretically, could make persons consider that the consequences of minor disruption, are grave enough to risk more: perhaps making a severe weakness in our own law. Of course, one could spend longer in Jail for murder, and ethics, relates to more than just consequences. Again, like in the U.S., it is dangerous to too greatly infringe on another's deep feeling of something being wrong, especially when dealing with what one side considers as genocide, and the other as a simple procedure.

I am not sure of the American law as regards simple disruptions, instead of force: by pro-lifers, or how it relates to their prosecution of the legally defined crime of murder. It is suggested that the alleged killer in this case had a violent past. It is also of note, that the Obama Administration has increasingly frustrated those in the pro-life, which due to its connection with other views of morality, has generally been peaceful. Some factors, even further aggravating those apposing abortions, included an intelligence report: calling those who apposed abortions, a security risk. Further: Obama had promised before the recent U.S. election: to prevent doctors from refusing to perform an abortion on grounds of conscience.

Years ago: Rode V Wade, had previously discounted the Hippocratic Oath, which had directly forbidden abortion, from its first form over a thousand years ago. Doctors, still holding to such principles as those in the original Hippocratic Oath, had been protected under George W. Bush, from being fired for refusal to abort a fetus, based on conscience.

Condemnation of the murder of Dr. George Tiller (67), has come swiftly, from the pro-life. Large parts of the Pro-Life movement considers the doctor concerned to be a murderer. The Mainstream Pro-life movement: in a manner like that of Ghandi, however, despite such convictions, and corresponding with some modern political movements, has seen it best to condemn this violence against a Late Term abortionist, and thus prevent it in future.

This attack comes amidst one of the most pro-abortion Presidents in the history of the United States, and amidst increasing choices by the Democrats: to support those who want removal of all and any restrictions on abortion. He has in the past, when still a senator voted to legalize the killing of abortion survivors outside the womb, according to watchdog: Creative Minority Report.

How does one deal with this attack, many are unsure:

One statement, by a one of the most respected pro-life movements in the entire United States of America: outright condemning the attack, was emailed to us by the organization concerned: today:

I think it of much use:

From the Susan B. Anthony List:

"You may have already heard that abortionist George Tiller was killed by an unidentified gunman this morning in his Wichita church.  The Susan B. Anthony List has issued a statement condemning the violence.  It is pasted below, and you may also link to it on our website here.  We would appreciate your support in spreading the message of love and nonviolence that truly resides at the heart of the pro-life movement.

Kind Regards,

Joy Yearout, M.A.
Communications Director
Susan B. Anthony List
1800 North Kent Street, Suite 1070, Arlington, VA 22209
703.875.3370 Office,  703.380.6674 Mobile
703.875.3375 Fax  |
SuzyB Blog | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

CONTACT: Joy Yearout (703) 380-6674 or    

Susan B. Anthony List President's Statement on the Death of George Tiller 

Washington, D.C. – Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser offered the following statement in response to the death of abortionist George Tiller from an unidentified gunman today:
“The Susan B. Anthony List condemns this anti-life act in the strongest of terms. The heart of the pro-life movement is one founded in love. Without this driving powerful center no justice can possibly be achieved.  Authentic progress in women’s rights has always encompassed the protection of human rights of every person across the board. The rights of one human being can never be honored by diminishing or ignoring the rights of another. This week as we gather for our annual June Tea event, themed Love Lets Live, we will lift up George Tiller's loved ones in prayer.”

George Tiller was shot and killed by an unidentified assailant shortly after 10 a.m. at Reformation Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Wichita, Kansas this morning. The 67-year-old was one of the few U.S. physicians who still performed late-term abortions. He had previously survived a 1993 shooting outside his clinic.   Law enforcement officials are searching for an unidentified assailant who fled in a powder-blue Ford Taurus.

The Susan B. Anthony List is a nationwide network of Americans, over 158,000 residing in all 50 states, dedicated to mobilizing, advancing, and representing pro-life women in politics. Its connected Candidate Fund increases the percentage of pro-life women in the political process. 


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