Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Vatican City" / "Rome": "Vatican" ignores the "Angels and Demons" film, by "John Howard", who has attempted controversy

(Media Study South Africa; c.f. "Creative Minority Report" (Catholic; Independent; American) __ / 05 / 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

"L'Osservatore Romano", a "Vatican" based, but unofficial paper, has given "Angels and Demons", a movie, in the same series, as the "Da Vinci Code" (also featuring a conspiracy involving the "Catholic Church") an average, and normally done film review, in essence, noting problems, and positives, as though it were any other film. As the makers of the "anti"-"Catholic" movie have attempted to string up scandal: the "Vatican"'s move has been seen as "Strategic", much as attempting to drown the "Ron Howard" movie, based on the "Dan Brown" run-up to the "anti"-"Catholic" "Da Vinci Code", as to prevent sales based on hype, by openly apposing it, as they did the "Da Vinci Code". A "Vatican" official previously told the "Italian" press, that publicly apposing the film, might add to its sales. Treating it like any other film (while forbidding it permission to film in "Catholic" Churches, in "Rome"), the "Vatican" seems to have taken the diplomatic route of quiet disapproval.

Such a method sends the message to their followers: to avoid the movie, something already propagated by those monitoring media as it relates to the "Catholic" Church, while avoiding making the movie a martyr for those apposing "Christianity".

With the relatively low key treatment of the movie by many, it could well be the right response, for the objectives of the "Vatican", of preventing "anti"-"Catholic" films from becoming a commodity. The "Baltimore" Catechism, asks that "Catholics" do not choose specifically to view media in opposition to the "church", such principle, is adhered to by many "Christians" throughout the world.

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