Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Sexual Abuse": Turn Towards "God" not Away, facts and commentary on largest settlement yet, in "Ontario", "Canada"

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The largest legal settlement, "two million Canadian dollars" ($2,000,000.) for an individual alleged "sexual abuse" case was awarded this week in "Canada", from the "Catholic Diocese" in "London", "Ontario". A woman, "Lou Ann Soontiens", 51, was sexually abused for more than 5 years at the age of 12. She then lived a life of "shame", "humiliation" and was called a "liar", because the face of her "society", it seems, believed a "priest" wouldn't do those terrible things he did, even while he told her it was always to be kept their “little secret”. It has ended legally. Decisively.

She became pregnant at 14 and endured a failed attempt at a back alley "abortion" suggested by the father of the child who was a "Catholic" "priest", which eventually led him to taking her to a hospital for an "abortion". She was abandoned by her own mother at six months and was raised by a very "Catholic" grandfather who also didn’t believe her, along with everyone else in society at the time.

Causing an abortion, under the 1985 codex of "canon law", is an offense for which one is automatically excommunicated from the "Catholic" Church, this includes driving a person to the clinic. The excommunication does not apply to 14 years olds, as they are too young, but does apply to those abetting their offense against "Canon Law". We are unsure of what the regulations at the time this occurred, were.

"Father" "Charles Sylvestre", 70, was charged and sentenced after pleaded guilty of "sexually assaulting" 47 female victims. He died in prison in "Kingston" after three months into a three-year term. The "Catholic Church" has spent years settling these cases.

"Lou Ann Soontiens", claims through all this she lost her faith and and claims that she believes if there was a "God" he would have helped her?

Speaking as a "Catholic": There definitely is a "God". I’m sorry for the pain this woman has endured because of a man who was tragically, and possibly negligently ordained as a "priest" but that is not "God"’s fault. Once again, we come back to the realization that God doesn’t take away our pain or sorrows that we endure in our life. This woman needs to not shut down her faith but open her heart and eyes to "God" and pray and realize "God" will grant her help and send it, if she just asks and believes.

I think this is the biggest stumbling block I have ever had to realize in my own personal life regarding my own faith when you wonder why God allows this hurt and pain in our lives. We all have pain and we all evaluate it to different degree’s.

I believe inside us all we have very strong consciences we must adhere to always, it’s between you and "God" only to whom you must speak; you know what you are made up of always, right from wrong. I don’t believe for one second that you honestly can turn "evil" or "abusive" overnight and you can’t ignore your conscience … pretend all you want but that conscience of ours plays the strongest role in every action you decide to take in the paths of our days. That said, it is our conscience which draws us to the "Sacrament of Reconciliation", and as far as "Sacraments" are concerned, "God", works via "good" and "bad" people, just as hospitals work with morally "good" and "bad" "doctors".

A "priest" whose doctrine’s and morals are of the "Universal Church" which are powerful has committed to the "clergy" … nothing can or could sway that. The conversion into the "clergy" ("priesthood") isn’t something that comes easy, it’s a gift which with a strong conscience and earnest commitment, can be an unbreakable one, something that has been truly thought through for years.

This "evil" man who has, despite his title, and ordination, not acted like a "Father", has disobeyed his oath. He has allegedly betrayed the "Catholic" morals within his position, abused not only victims but all of us by slandering our faith for his own lack of "morality" and self serving purposes which is the matter in the very least, of mortal sin, that for which "Jesus" warned, the worst sort of punishment awaits in hell. He became the "evil destroyer", not the "teacher" and "planter" and "builder" of faith. He seemingly became a "servant" of the global corruption, that attacks and violates our faith. The "Church" needs to re-evaluate this process of weeding out the truly faithful that follow. The "Vatican" has already taken steps, calling in psychologists to evaluate "Candidates"' mental state, so as to prevent further incidences, still, the local churches throughout the world must follow this example, and consistent cover-ups, and refusal to communicate on these issues, must be stopped.

Unfortunately, he committed a seemingly conscious decision to choose to neglect and interpret "God"’s scriptures for his self serving reasons. He seems to have failed "God" by his "evil" actions. These "evil" people try to violate our spiritual core and can reek havoc and devastate like a vicious cancer which endangers killing off our "Catholic Faith".

Our media loves drama and slandering of anything controversial like religion or politics or “little secrets”, it sells papers, this time it might be cool to realize as a "Saint" (or "Saintly person") pointed out, it only makes us a stronger union when we truly follow the dogma that "God" created and face the truth head on and acknowledge and correct it.

I believe some of us are brought together through a supernatural bond with one another along with Christ, this is what makes us a "Mystical Body of Christ", to help us teach and show others and to grow together, and not decay.

And so, I humbly request of our many readers,

Pray for a deeper sense of faith, for the sadness of this "victim" to not cause her to give up hope in "Christ", who likely shall avenge her in this life or the next. And, for us, that we may strive to strive towards the obedience of our true conscience of the "Catholic Faith", that which does not fall to "special interests" of those who abuse it, but to true goodness, that which gives grace, life, hope, and support to all who are good, visibly "inside" or seemingly "outside" our faith.

The "Truth shall set" us individually "Free", but it is the same truth, by which the church must be freed. When there is dissent against the "Universal Morals, and Doctrine" within the hearts of some which seem to the world at least: to be within "Mother Church", what do we expect to follow it?

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